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How to Help Your Dog’s Anxiety this Halloween Season

Bulldog Puppy laying next to a pumpkin on halloween

Halloween can be lots of fun for children and adults. Although, it isn’t always the best time for dogs. While many people think holidays with fireworks are the worst for dogs, many pets can get quite stressed during Halloween. A dog that doesn’t take too well to strange noises can get quite upset through Halloween. If your dog gets a little jumpy around people in scary costumes, you might need to learn how to help your dog’s anxiety this Halloween season. A dog’s anxiety can manifest itself in a lot of ways, your dog might be acting out because they struggle with anxiety during these loud and intrusive events.

Symptoms of Dog Anxiety

If you think your dog might have some anxiety around Halloween, these are some of the symptoms you should be looking out for. Dogs can suffer from anxiety in many of the same ways as humans. A lot of these symptoms are typical of anxiety in dogs, they manifest themselves when a pet is suffering from a few different forms of anxiety. If this anxiety is linked to the noises and sights of Halloween, you might have to give your pet some special attention this October 31st.

Bowel Movement Accidents

Two border collie puppies in a basket with pumpkins laying around them in a park

Most adult dogs finished their puppy training successfully, but an anxious dog can still have an accident from time to time. If your dog is scared or frightened, they may end up going to the bathroom wherever they are. This is involuntary and your dog is likely as embarrassed by it as you are. These symptoms might provoke a negative reaction from a dog’s owners, making their anxiety worse.

Destructive Behaviour

Trashing the area of the house that a dog is currently in is a classic sign of anxiety. This destructive behavior is an outlet for their pent up energy. This kind of aggressive behavior is usually motivated by fear. It is a natural response to the unusual noises they might hear on Halloween.

Isolative Behaviour

A scared dog will often retreat to a safe space. This gives them the comfort of knowing they’re in a defendable position. Fear and anxiety can cause even the friendliest dog to avoid people. Halloween can definitely invoke this for pets. This can be quite worrying. With a dog isolating themselves, it can be harder to help them deal with their stress.

Changes in Appetite

An anxious dog can undergo some major changes in their appetite. Usually, this is a loss of appetite. Anxiety can upset a dog’s stomach. This will lead to them eating less. This can be worrying, especially when your dog is normally a monster around treats. While this usually passes with the anxiety, a dog does need to eat regularly making this symptom a worrying one.

How to Help Your Dog’s Anxiety during Halloween

Old black lab being hugged by a girl with jack-o-lanterns all around

If your dog is exhibiting these symptoms, then you might have to look at how to help your dog this Halloween season. There are some steps you can take to make your dog more comfortable and help them to deal with the stress of Halloween. Most of them should help you ease your dog’s anxiety over the course of the night.

Reduce Noise

Over Halloween, noise can be a major source of stress for a dog. Even if you live in typically quiet suburbs, trick or treating can make an awful lot of unwanted noise. This can really set off an anxious dog. You should try and avoid unnecessary noise. If your dog is suffering from anxiety about the noise, minimizing surprising knocks on the door will be helpful.

Sound Machine or TV to Cover Outside Noise

If the noise outside your house is loud, there isn't much you can do to it. However, this doesn't mean you and your dog have to hear it. You can use a sound machine or TV to make alternative noise like music. This noise should drown out the surprising noises from outside. Your dog will be used to these sounds, so it won't cause them the same distress. This is a good way to help your dog with things that you can’t control.

Minimize Costuming

Dachshund resting its head on a pumpkin with Halloween decorations around

Halloween costumes are unlikely to genuinely unsettle any adults, but a dog doesn’t always understand. They can be easily fooled by a costume. While they won’t find a clown costume terrifying because it is a clown, it may still be unsettling to them. Halloween costumes can look bizarre and intimidating compared to normal clothes. Their reactions can be quite extreme. Cutting down your dog’s costumes to them can be helpful.

If you're staying at home with your dog because of their anxiety, wearing a costume yourself might not be the best idea. Your dog may not recognize people that it knows because of costumes, which can become frightening or confusing to them.

Use a leash

Trick or treating is a weird thing for a dog. If your dog is suffering from anxiety, having the door open and close frequently isn’t the best idea. A spooked dog might bolt out of the door when it opens. A good way to prevent this is to use a leash to limit their movement. This stops them from running if a door is open, but it also gives security. Keeping your dog close to you will let you keep them reassured and comforted throughout the night.

Use a Crate

A dog that is crate trained will find their crate a comforting place to be during Halloween. If you're wondering how to help your dog during Halloween season, a crate will be very helpful if your dog uses one. It gives them security as well as preventing them from getting loose. If you're expecting guests, this is a great way to protect them from the stress of noise and unwanted visitors.


CBD Oil is an effective treatment for all sorts of dog anxiety, this includes Halloween based anxiety. If your dog is suffering during Halloween, it is usually because of anxiety. This is at the root of their fear of Halloween costumes. Calming down their anxiety is the best thing you can do over Halloween. CBD Oil is a safe and effective way to do this. This can be used in tandem with other techniques here. It is also useful if you’re not going to be at home all night.

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Many dogs suffer from anxiety over Halloween. When you put yourself in their shoes, it is easy to see why. Between the strange sites and noises, it can be a stressful time. These solutions should help you cut down on unnecessary stress for your dog over Halloween. With a little care, you can make sure their night is more treat than trick.

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How to help with dog anxiety on Halloween

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