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How Dog Beds Prevent Calluses

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Does your dog have calluses on their elbows and hips? This could be due to their dog bed. There are many things that you can do to help treat these calluses and things that you can do to help prevent your dog from getting calluses. While calluses do not cause anything with your dog, but they can crack and get dry, causing your dog to have a little bit of pain.

Why Do Dogs Get Calluses?

There are many reasons that your dog could get calluses. The main reason is that they have been laying on hard surfaces. These calluses are like pressure sores that people can get from laying in one spot for too long. In the summer months, it is more common for a dog to get these as they find a nice cool spot to lay in for hours.  If your dog is a large breed or overweight, it is is more common for them to have these as there is more pressure on their joints.

The most common locations of these are the elbows and hips.  These calluses can become so severe that the skin cracks and bleeds.

How Can You Help and Prevent Dogs Getting Calluses?

There are many different ways that you can treat calluses in the dog.  These are just a few treatments that you can try at home to help treat calluses.

  • Petroleum Jelly: This will help keep the calluses soft and stop them from getting bigger.  The skin will develop hardened areas due to the hard surface that they are sleeping on. 
  • Dog Balm: There are over the counter balms made to put on calluses or even your dog’s feet pads to help keep them soft.  You can use these on your dog’s elbows to help keep them from developing severe calluses
  • Vitamin E and Other Supplements: There are supplements that can help keep your dog from developing calluses. 
  • Soft Bedding and a change of Bed: If your dog does not have a plush bed, they can develop calluses since they are still sleeping on a harder surface.

How Dog Beds Prevent Calluses

Usually, prevention is the best way to treat calluses. These are some things that you can do to help prevent calluses. This should be done in large and giant breed dogs to prevent them from developing calluses.

  • Make Sure their Bed is Soft
  • Encourage your Dog to Lie on the Bed, Not the Floor
  • Keep the bed in a Cool place in Summer

Dog Beds That Prevent Calluses

When looking for a dog bed that prevents calluses consider these dog beds.  After a lot of research, these are some of the best beds that you can buy for your dog to help prevent them from developing calluses.

BuddyRest Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed is a great choice to get for your dog. This bed is smell-resistant and will help decrease the doggy smell in your house. This bed uses tactile pressure mapping to help heighten the comfort of the bed for your dog.

This bed will help support your dog’s body when they are lying down, which will help prevent them from forming calluses. This bed will not get dips over time, and the memory foam will quickly bounce back after your dog lays on this bed. The grips on the bottom of the bed are used to help keep the bed in place. This bed is temperature neutral to help with coolness, very comfortable and soft.

Sold out

BuddyRest Tough Buddy Titan Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Tough Buddy Titan Memory Foam Dog Bed is made of ballistic nylon for maximum strength. This bed is sewn together with Kevlar thread. The bed is made of memory foam with gel-infused true cool gel to help keep your pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

Being memory foam is great for dogs who suffer from joint pain and arthritis and even help prevent callus formation. This bed is made in sizes that will easily fit in a car or in your dog’s crate. If your dog travels with you a lot, this would be the best bed for you to purchase.

The Tough Titan Orthopedic Crate Bed looks like a large pillow. It has a non-slip bottom to help make sure that the bed does not move around. This is helpful for older dogs when they are getting in and out of their bed.  

This bed comes in many different sizes to accommodate any crate that your dog has. The crate bed has a soft lining and is made of ballistic nylon and Kevlar thread. This makes the crate bed excellent for a chewing puppy.

Sold out

If your dog is starting to develop calluses, it would be best to start to figure out what is causing these calluses to form before it gets very big. You can watch your dog see where they are sleeping and if they are sleeping on the hard surfaces, get them a few new beds to sleep on. You can also use petroleum jelly or other pet balms to help keep these areas soft. If your dog’s calluses get very big and start to crack, it would be best for your vet to look at your dog as they can also help treat these calluses and help make them feel much better.

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