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How to find your lost dog

how to find your lost dog

Picture this, one night your dog is outside playing when all of a sudden they hear a loud crash or bang causing them to run as fast as they can. This is one of the more common reasons why dogs run away from home and it can be hard to find them once they do. In this blog i will be going over the first six tasks on how to find your lost dog and some reasons for why they may have run.

1. Calm down and think

Oftentimes owners get extremely flustered to the point where they have no idea where to start. Look around and think where your dog might have gone off to and make a plan to get them back. If your fence has a hole in one side of it then maybe start in that direction.

2. Visit the neighbors 

how to find your lost dog

Sometimes its as simple as this, your neighbors know your dog most likely and if they see or hear something they will often times try to help. Or maybe Fido simply hopped the fence and stayed next door. This is often a simple solution that can be easily overlooked.

3. Recruit help

It is hard to find a small dog in a big city, they likely haven't gotten that far, but it can be hard to find your dog with just one set of eyes. Reach out to family and friends who can help you look for your furry friends, or even post on social media so all your friends can be aware. People will help if they can and with technology it can be a great step on how to find your lost dog.

4. Notify your animal shelter

how to find your lost dog

Sometimes you don't know how much of a head start your dog has had, if this is the case your local animal shelter may have gotten to your dog first. Make sure to contact them with information of your dog's breed coloring and mannerisms so they can make sure to get you Fido back ASAP if they find him.

5. Post flyers

This old school method is still in use today for a reason, it works. If someone finds a lost dog an notices the flyer they will be able to get your furry friend back to you. Along with this it is just more sets of eyes on the lookout for a lost dog.

6. Keep at it and don't give up

Sometimes it can be worrisome when a whole day passes by without a trace, but this does not mean anything. Make sure to keep your phone on hand and ready for a call, if your dog has tags or someone finds them and sees the flyer you'll need to be ready to go pick them up.

6 steps on how to find your lost dog

Why they ran

Having a lost pet is something that makes you worry about everything, why did they leave, are they ok, and where did they go. All of these are valid and can leave you too distracted to continue focusing on work or school. Often times there are certain reasons dogs run away and these can give the answer on how to find your lost dog.

how to find your lost dog

Lonely or bored

Some dogs have a tendency to need more outlets to keep them entertained. This could be a  toy that test their mind or a long play session or run before everyone leaves the house. If a dog is not getting the stimulation they require it may lead them to run off after someone or something that peaks their interest.

how to find your lost dog

A chase

While we are on the subject of peaked interests, some dogs get too excited at the sight of a squirrel or moving vehicle that they can't control themselves. This can lead them to go to the extremes to get to whatever they have their sights on. For these dogs it is a good idea to make sure your fence is well built at high enough along with getting them plenty of exercise as well.

Anxiety / separation anxiety

If your dog is anxious it may mean they are worried about you and will do whatever to find you, same with  separation anxiety. If you leave and they know how to get out they most likely will. This can be solved through training your dog that you leaving is not bad and that you will be back soon.

how to find your lost dog


Sometimes dogs get scared and if you're scared the last thing you want is to be trapped, so they escape. This can be caused by loud noises, neighbor dogs, or a storm that can all give your dog the fright of their life. These scary things can be dealt with on their own and will make your dog more comfortable in their space.  

No matter what the situation is there are certain precautions to take while your dog is safe at home still. Make sure your dog has tags on a  proper fitting collar that is also a  quality collar. Along with this if your dog is notorious for anxiety or being super jumpy it may be a good idea to see your veterinarian to see if  CBD could help out. This can be a scary time and knowing how to find your lost dog may make the process a little less worrisome. If this blog has helped you or you know someone who this blog can benefit, make sure to share it. If you have anything else to add leave a comment to help out others in this situation.

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