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How To Travel With Your Dog - 3 Helpful Hints

SitStay Blog: How To Travel With Your Dog - 3 Helpful Hints

Taking your dog on vacation can be beneficial for you and for them. Not only will you be less stressed out about how your dog is handling your absence, you get to spend time with your pet and they get to have fun experiences with you. However, note that dogs do not start out being good at travel—that only comes with experience. Follow these tips to have a safe, fun holiday vacation with your dog:   

Get the Essentials Together  

Pack a leash along with a collar and ID tag. You need your dog to be identifiable in the event that they run off while you are far from home. If you are traveling by plane, note that airlines require ID as well as proof of vaccinations and health certifications. Bring along your preferred dog food as well as water bowls and waste bags for bathroom breaks while on the road. If you are traveling in cold weather, pack blankets for your pet.

Think also about where you are traveling to with your dog. If you are going from a warm climate to a cold one, think about your dogs' comfort and if they will need a jacket or boots. If you are traveling from a cold climate to a warm one, make sure that they are up to date on their flea and tick preventatives so as not to bring home any unwanted guests with you.

Use a Crate  

A crate gives your dog a safe, familiar space while they deal with the unfamiliarity of new surroundings. While driving, it will be a comfortable space for them to sleep. In addition, crates keep them in one spot so that they are not roaming about the vehicle's interior and posing a safety hazard. Yet another benefit has to do with the potential for motion sickness. The crate can help to contain any unpleasant physical reactions.   

They should view the crate as a safe den, not as a prison. Place their bed inside the crate and provide chew toys.    

Long Walks Before and After Journey  

Go for a long walk before you leave home. This will help to relax your pet for at least a part of the journey. You will want to go for another long one once you arrive as well. This will help to relax them in their new environment while also helping them to stretch their legs.  Find out about the best places to walk your dog from the front-desk staff at your hotel.   

Along with choosing a pet-friendly hotel, you should also look for one that has dog parks nearby and safe places to walk.   

A well-trained dog can make an excellent travel companion, but only if you are willing to take the right steps. The tips above can help you to avoid the most common issues faced when traveling with a dog.   

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