How To Most Effectively Use Dog Training Treats, What's The Best?

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Kendall Abbott author of How To Most Effectively Use Dog Training Treats, What's The Best?

How to Use Dog Training Treats

There are many tools you can use when teaching your dog. One of the simplest and best tools is dog training treats. A good reward sends a clear message to your dog that he or she is doing the right thing. Dog training treats work best for dogs that are food motivated.

Avoid Over Feeding

Dog Training Treats can keep your dog focused and motivated to learn during a training session. To avoid overfeeding your dog using training treats, use the treats to replace some of your dog's daily food. Keep track of roughly how much your dog is eating in treats and adjust the remaining food you provide accordingly, within reason. If you're concerned about your dog's weight, this method is especially important, and you can augment it with lower calorie treats. Leanlix is a great low calorie reward. In a pinch, you can use your dogs kibble for training treats, but this won't be as effective as training treats because dogs are smart and they know they will also get the same thing for dinner... without following your current command.

Reward Immediately and Appropriately

To help your dog associate what he or she is doing and what you want him or her to do, give a treat as close as you possibly can to the behavior you're praising. Avoid giving a whole handful of treats after compliance with a single command; this slows your training session down as you wait for them to chew and it is not necessary as your dog would be happy with just one treat. So instead, give a small treat after each instance of the behavior you want to reward to keep the training momentum up. Quickies are small treats that are packed with flavor. The treats container even makes a distinct noise when shook and it can be used like a clicker, another highly effective training tool, in a snap.

Use the Best Style of Treat for Your Dog

Some dogs get so excited for treats that they forget to chew what you give them during a training session. A product such as Leanlix can be quickly uncapped so you can reward your dog in a timely manner. Most importantly because your dog licks the treat, you can both focus on the training instead of on waiting for your dog to chew soft or chewy treats.

For more difficult commands such as agility training, you should use high-value treats to encourage your dog to follow your commands. You can even use different, high-value treats for different commands you're teaching your dog. A high-value treat is just a treat your dog really, really loves. If your dog is a fish kind of pup try our Chewy Tricky Trainers in Salmon! Each dog has individual tastes and might prefer certain types or flavors of treats over others. Try multiple kinds of treats to find ones that your dog really likes and that's easy for you to dispense to him or her. Always evaluate training treats for safety and buy only from companies you trust.

The right dog training treats can be key when teaching your dog—even an older dog—new commands. Use your training time to bond with your dog, and both of you will be happier and healthier as a result.

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