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Your Guide to Hunting Dog Supplies

A brown and white hunting dog standing in a forest
Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM author of Your Guide to hunting dog supplies

Hunting dogs are working dogs. They require very similar training and equipment as service dogs. These dogs are also trained for specific tasks and require trustworthy, solid equipment to properly do their job.

These are some great things that you need for your hunting dog. This can serve as your guide to the best supplies to get for your hunting dog.

1.  Collars and Harnesses

Your dog will need a collar or harness. These are some great collars and harnesses that you can get for your hunting dog. When you get a collar or harness, make sure that you also get them an ID tag with your name and phone number just in case they get lost.

Prisma Reflective Dog Collar with Magnetic Clasp

The Prisma Reflective Dog Collar is designed with military-grade fabric. The collar has a center reflective strip that is perfect for a hunting dog in the forest where safety is key. The snap is very easy to get on and off as it is magnetic. This collar is also available in many different sizes and colors, so you can easily have a collar that also looks great on your dog.  

Hawkins Hunting Dog Collar

The Hawkins Hunting Dog Collar is made of 1680 denier ballistic nylon with Kevlar thread. This makes it very strong and virtually indestructible. This collar has a QD Magnetic technology for easy on and off but very stronghold. It comes in a very bright color to keep the dog visible for safety reasons.

Ruffwear Web Master Harness

The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is great for any working dog. This harness is very tough and built for dogs that maneuver frequently and quickly.  It has five points of adjustment to make it fit snugly. 

This harness has a handle to help you easily grab your dog if you need to.  It also has reflective trim making it easier to see your dog when they are in low light areas. This makes this a perfect harness for hunting, hiking, mobility assistance, or any other type of working dog. 

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2.  Leashes

You will also need a leash to keep them close to you. This will also be needed when taking your dog for walks. These are two great leashes that you should get for your hunting dogs.

Freedom Flex Tactical Dog Leash (Anti-Pull)

Freedom Flex Tactical Dog Leash is strong and uses Kevlar thread for long life and lasting strength. This leash is great for puppies who love to chew on many things as they will not easily be able to chew through this leash. This leash uses modern flex technology, so if your dog does pull on the leash, it will not shock the leash.

This leash comes in two different lengths. The shorter one is great for when you want them to be close and the longer one when your off in the woods, and they can explore a little farther away.

Ballistic Dog Leash by Tough Pup

Ballistic Dog Leash by Tough Pup is made of ballistic nylon, Kevlar thread, and heavy-duty hardware to stand up against your hard-working dog. The handle on this leash is a polymer ergonomic knuckle handle developed for added strength and comfort. This is a great leash to use for your hunting dog, as it is very strong and durable yet comfortable for you to use.

3.  All the Extras

There are many pieces of equipment and tools that your hunting dog will need. These are just a few of the extra things that you may want to consider getting for your hunting dog—making your life easier with these two great tools. 

DOGLine Unimax Removable Side Utility Saddle-Bags

A DOGLine Unimax Saddle Bag is a great thing to get for your working dog. This bag allows for extra travel storage. Your hunting dog will essentially be helping carry things that they need and even somethings that you may need. These bags are lightweight and very comfortable for your dog to wear even all day. They are a perfect place to carry that extra ammo or first aid supplies. You can even have them carry food and water in these bags

Collapsible water dish

 After your hunting dog has worked all day, they will want a break for a snack and water. Having a collapsible water dish, you can bring them a bowl that does not take up a lot of space. You can easily find these online or in pet supply stores. They are perfect for minimal storage space while allowing the dog to stay hydrated

4.  Supplements

There are many wonderful supplements that you may consider giving your dog to help keep them active and healthy. These are two great supplements that you may be considering giving to your hunting dogs.

CBD oil

CBD has many great benefits. It can help your hunting dog with joint pain and anxiety from loud noises such as a gunshot to keep the dog happy and healthy. If they are sick, it can help them feel better quicker. CBD products can also help prevent certain problems.


Turmeric is a great choice to give to your hunting dog if they are suffering from pain, GI problems, or any other disease. This common household spice will support their health and keep the dog strong.

A Hunting Hound

Your hunting dog will need a good collar or harness, leash, collapsible bowl, and supplements.  All of these will help keep your hunting dog safe and healthy. These are great products that you can get for your working dog.

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Meet The Author 

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM

Since she was a little girl, she knew that her dream was to become a veterinarian. With a tremendous passion and love for animals that makes her a great source of knowledge for others. She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the Schnoodle, and Bam-Bam the bunny.

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