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Keeping a Slim Figure for You and Your Pup through the Holidays

SitStay Blog Keeping a Slim Figure for You and Your Pup through the Holidays

We all pack on a little winter weight during the holiday season--I’d like to blame it on genetics, and when people actually had to put weight on when, well, they lived in caves. Clearly not the case anymore, we should all really stop making the excuses for the extra lbs during the holidays! Not only for ourselves but the lifestyles we lead trickles down to other members of our family! It is especially important to be wary of the furry, four-legged family members because even small changes in weight have a larger impact on them.

Tips to keeping you and your furry-four-legged best friends waistline trim:

Keep mealtimes at the same time:

It is difficult for the body’s metabolism when changing up meal time too frequently. Try to always have breakfast, lunch, and supper at the same time. Or pooch’s meal time(s) at the same time.

Limiting snacking/or changing to a healthier snack

I live by the “want a cookie, have a cookie” principle - year round. Although, I make sure my diet is full of lean proteins, colorful fruits and vegetables, and whole grains before the cookie craving sets in!! And if you are already full of healthy choices, then you may not want that cookie or piece of fruit cake anyways.

And when you or your pup ARE craving that yummy snack--go for it. The more you limit yourself or Fido, the more you’ll end up craving it. So don’t go cold turkey on treats during the holidays, when tension can run high with sales, shopping lines out the mall doors, and those in-laws--just kidding, no stress there ;)--you don’t want to start any drastic changes in lifestyle. OR start exploring healthier treat options!!

For the savory lover: my VICE is chips and queso, or salsa, AND sour cream. SO instead, chop up some carrot “chips”, cucumber slices and baked kale (i think they are better than tortilla chips) and serve with fresh homemade salsa, hummus, and low-fat plain greek yogurt!

For the sweet lover: Opt for baked or sauteed fruits and top with low-fat vanilla yogurt and cinnamon. It gives you the satisfaction of the sweet, warm, ooey-gooey you’re craving without the crazy fat and calories of chocolate explosion cake!

Account for travel and time differences:

This is something I am ALWAYS the worst offender for during the holidays. When in an airplane or car it can sometimes be a time warp - especially if it is a literal time zone change! This can be especially stressful for dogs, traveling, in general, so we suggest Earth Heart Mists this season to alleviate some tension and stress. So, make sure to keep mealtimes as regular as possible, and don’t forget about eating, or on the other hand, gorge yourself with fast food (I know it’s the easiest thing sometimes at the airport with 10 suitcases and a lollygagging family and scared pooch!) at the airport or right once you get to the hotel.

Overall, have a very happy, healthy holiday season from the SitStay family to you and yours!

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