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Celebrating National Mutt Day

SitStay Blog: Celebrating National Mutt Day

If you’ve been thinking of adopting a dog, don’t overlook mutts. Mixed breeds have a lot to offer, and there are many who are in need of a good home. In honor of National Mutt Day coming up on July 31st, here are some of the top reasons to adopt a mutt.

Fewer Health Problems

Mixed breeds have a lower risk of having health issues compared to purebred dogs. Certain dog breeds are susceptible to developing health problems, such as hip dysplasia or hereditary diseases. This can lead to more vet visits and higher vet bills, as well as a shorter lifespan. When you have a mutt, you’re less likely to run into these kinds of health issues, and you’re more likely to have a canine companion who ends up having a long, happy and healthy life. 

Lower Costs

When you buy purebred puppies from breeders, you can expect to pay considerably more than you would for adopting a mixed breed dog from an animal shelter or rescue group. You also have to be careful about the breeder you buy from, since you could be supporting puppy mills unknowingly. Adopting a mutt provides you with a great way to make sure that a shelter or rescue dog finds a good home without needing to spend a considerable amount of money. In fact, many shelters include certain costs in adoption fees, such as spaying or neutering costs and vaccinations. 

Lower Risk of Personality Problems

Purebred dogs are bred for specific traits, which can affect their temperament or personality. For example, border collies tend to try herding family members, since they’ve been bred to herd sheep. Other dog breeds have been bred to be guard dogs, giving them stronger personalities that can be hard to handle. Mutts tend to have a more amiable, easygoing personality or temperament, which makes them easier to train and live with. Since they have more than one breed in them, this tends to balance out more pronounced personality traits that can be trouble. 

One of the most important reasons to consider adopting a mutt is that you’re saving a life. Most of the dogs that end up in shelters are mixed breeds in need of a good home, and not all of these shelters are no-kill ones. Adopting one or more mutts means you’re saving these dogs and providing them with a great home.

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