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SitStay Pedigree Builder

October 17, 2016 0 Comments

The pedigree chart is something that used to be on SitStay's site several years ago and was lost in data transfers. We continued to receive a number of calls, emails, and inquiries to our site for this chart. Due to the demand, we constructed a chart for (based on the feedback we've received) people who show their dogs competitively.

We support a variety of rescues and shelters, including our local humane society and several local rescues with meet and greets as well as fundraising events. One of our CEO's dogs, a pug, is a rescue, and our entire team are strong supporters of rescues and shelters.

What can you do with the Pedigree Builder?

The Pedigree Builder was created to provide a way for you to input the pedigree of your dog and provides html code for you to embed on your personal website.

You can find the Pedigree Builder here.

You can find a printable version of the pedigree builder, as well as most commonly asked questions here.