Stop Dry Dog Nose This Winter

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Stop Dog Dry Nose This Winter

You may have heard the saying a cool, wet nose means your dog is healthy. This may be true, but there are reasons that your dog's nose may be dry and does not mean that your dog is not healthy. Wintertime can cause your dog's nose to be dryer than usual.

During this time, your dog's nose may become very dry to the point that it will crack and bleed. This can be very painful for your dog. This condition can be easily prevented and even treated if your dog does have a dry nose. This article will explain what causes dry noses for dogs and what you can do about fixing their nose.

Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry In The Winter?

Many of the time, you will notice that your dog's nose becomes dry in the cold winter weather. Sometimes this is a year-round problem but is worse in the winter. This is because the warm airflow in your house is causing your pet's nose to become dry.

In the warm summer month, the humidity levels are higher, keeping moisture in the air. In the winter, there is not as much humidity in the air and will cause your dog's nose to become dry. This is very similar to why people have chapped lips more in the winter months.

Many people and pets will try to stay warm in the winter by staying near a vent. Your dog may be sleeping close to these vents too. Vents can cause your dog’s nose to become dry.

How To Help Prevent Your Dog’s Nose From Getting Dry During Cold Weather 

    1. Decrease the amount of time spent in front of the vent. If your dog loves to sleep in front of the vent or fireplace, move their bed to a different area. The warm air from these indoor heaters can dry out your dog’s nose.
    2. Limit their time outdoors. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, keep them inside more. The cold air outside can keep your dog’s nose dry.
    3. Give them a blanket. Provide your dog with a blanket for their bed. This will help keep them warm without them having to curl up next to the heating vents.
    4. Use a balm. Use a balm or other cream such as coconut oil. This will help protect your dog’s nose from dry weather. It will also moisturize your dog’s nose and is even okay for them to eat a little bit of it. This is also a good thing to use if your dog has sunburned skin.

      There are many different ways that you can help prevent and treat your dog’s nose.

    5. Use Salmon Oil. Salmon oil can be used to help with dry skin and can be carefully applied to your dog's nose. Since your dog can easily lick their nose, you want to make sure anything that you put on your dog's nose is okay for them to eat. Salmon oil also has many great benefits for your dog if they eat a little, so you do not have to worry about your dog licking it off.

    6. Keep them hydrated.When your dog is well hydrated, they can keep their nose wet longer. Make sure your dog has access to clean water. Some dogs even like to drink from a fountain. There are many water fountains that you can use for your dog to help encourage them to drink more.

    7. Watch out for allergies.Look for allergies in your dog. While winter can dry your dog’s nose, allergies can make these issues even worse. If your dog has allergies, talk to your veterinarian about what you can do to help your dog. CBD oils and turmeric are great natural substances to use to help your dog with allergies.

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How To Heal My Dog's Dry and Cracked Nose

If your dog’s nose is dry and cracked, you will need to keep it moisturized to help the nose heal.  First, you need to clean your dog’s nose. If the nose has any dirt and debris, it will not heal properly. 

After it is clean, you can apply some cream to the nose to help it stay moisturized.  You may need to apply this cream to your dog's nose a few times a day.  

Dogs are constantly licking their noses, and you may have to reapply this cream. When picking a cream to use, make sure that it is something that is safe for your dog to eat. 

Common things used are coconut oil, salmon oil, or fish oils. These are very safe for your dogs to eat and actually have many great benefits. 

Your dog's nose may be dry and cracked for many different reasons. By figuring out what is causing their nose to be dry, and fixing the underlying problem will help keep your dog's nose healthy and keep your dog from suffering. 

Many times, just applying a small amount of cream to your dog's nose will help prevent further issues with your dog's nose. 

The old saying that a cold, wet nose is a healthy dog is not always true as there are many reasons that your dog's nose could be dry. If your dog seems like they do not feel well and has a dry nose, make an appointment with your vet to make sure that your dog is healthy and happy.  A little bit of preventative maintenance will keep your dog healthy and happy.

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