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How To Stop My Dog From Chewing On Their Dog Bed

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A destructive pup can not only be frustrating but can also point to behavioral problems that your dog may be struggling with. While we are often quick to assume that our pups are just acting out, there are ways to get to the source of destructive behavior and help prevent the act in the future.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common reasons behind bed chewing, and discuss ways you can prevent destructive behavior in the future.

Why is my dog chewing his bed?

If you find your dog chewing on their bed or other objects in your home, it may be their way of telling you they are lacking in other areas of their life. Though each dog is different, you’d be amazed at how often their undesirable behavior can be tied back to another factor.

Some common reasons why your dog maybe chewing on their bed include:

  • Anxiety: Anxiety is a common reason behind bed chewing and other destructive behaviors from canines. Though we know humans can be impacted by anxiety, it’s also extremely common in our canine companions. Anxiety in dogs can be a result of being in a new environment, having new people in your home, having new pets in your home, long separation from their owners, being left alone for long hours of the day, experiencing chronic pain from medical conditions, suffering from any medical conditions in general, and any other occurrence that can disrupt their life. If your dog is working through any of the above issues in their life, it may be natural for them to turn to destructive behaviors.
  • Boredom: Boredom is the most common factor behind destructive behavior from your furry friend. When our dogs experience boredom it can be challenging for them to resist the urge to find their own activity to participate in, no matter how upsetting it might be for us. Boredom in dogscan be a result of lack of exercise, being an energetic breed that’s not receiving enough stimulation, being left alone for long hours, not having enough mental stimulation, being cooped up due to bad weather or other situations keeping them indoors, and more.
  • Natural habits: Some dogs are more prone to digging and burrowing than other breeds. In these situations, these natural instincts to burrow can be triggered by anxiety, boredom, or any other stressful event in their lives. If you own any kind of breed that is known to dig and burrow (terriers, dachshunds, huskies, etc.), it’s best to keep this possibility in mind.

How do I get my dog to stop chewing their bed?

If you have a dog that can’t seem to resist the urge to chew on their bed, there are a few things you can implement to help prevent this behavior. Some of the most common ways to reduce destructive behaviors in your home includes:

  • Exercise: When a dog has pent up energy, they are more likely to act out. By helping your dog expel their energy each day and tire themselves out, they are less likely to resort to destructive behavior. Implementing daily exercise is beneficial for a calm and collected pup, their overall health, and the bond between you and your pup.
  • Stimulating toys: Luckily, there are several toys that are made to mentally stimulate your pup and alleviate boredom. These toys include challenging puzzles, games that require your dog to work for their treats, toys that help your dog relax by licking a surface that is covered in their favorite spread, and other games that engage your pup. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation when it comes to your pup’s behavioral habits.
  • Quality time: Since some of your dog’s destructive behavior can be a result of separation anxiety, it’s important to try to set aside time each day that you dedicate to your pup. While we know life can get busy, even 15 minutes a day of one on one time with your pup doing an activity that you both enjoy can make a huge difference for your furry friend. Whether it’s cuddle time on the couch or a game of fetch, your dog’s behavior is sure to reflect your time spent with them.
  • Deterrent sprays: There are a few sprays available that can help to deter your pup from chewing on their bed. These sprays can be pheromone sprays that are designed to calm your pup or sprays that are meant to be sprayed on their bed to create an unpleasant taste. It’s up to you on which type of spray you prefer.
  • Non-chew beds: There are some dog beds that are designed to deter your dog from chewing with their chew-proof material. By putting up a fight when your dog attempts to chew, your pup is more likely to give up.

Are there chew resistant dog beds?

To help deter your dog from shredding their bed when you are away, it’s helpful to invest in a tough dog bed that can stand up to the test! Some high quality and durable dog beds that we trust include:

Tough Buddy Titan Memory Foam Bed

  • Made of ballistic nylon for maximum strength
  • Sewn with Kevlar thread to help give materials strength
  • Gel-infused to regulate dog temperature and keep them cool
  • Created to fit inside any vehicle, making it great for travel
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Titan Slumber Pad Crate Bed

  • Soft lining that can fit on the floor of a crat
  • Ballistic nylon that withstands chewing
  • Sewn with Kevlar thread to help give the material’s strength
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Titan Defender Ballistic Bolster Bed

  • Raised cushions for the dog that like to feel cradled in their beds
  • Cushions making it an ideal bed for dogs that like to burrow
  • Sewn with Kevlar thread to give the material’s strength
  • Made with ballistic nylon for maximum strength
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While a dog’s chewing habits can be frustrating, there is always a solution to the behavior. Make sure to be aware of the common triggers above, and you can help your dog shy away from their bad chewing habits.

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