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9 Things You Need For A Puppy

Australian Shepherd with a blue harness sitting in a grass field

Getting a new puppy can be exciting and scary all at the same time. If you have never owned a dog or had a new puppy in the house, there are many things that you need to prepare for. If you currently have a dog, you may have many of the items already, but you will need to get a few things to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy. This article will help you pick out all the new things you need for your new puppy.  

Prepping for a puppy

When getting a new puppy, it is best to be prepared. Having things ready at home for your new puppy will allow you to spend time with your new puppy as soon as you get your puppy. You will not have to make a trip to the pet store to get all the supplies if you are prepared.

Research the breed, and its requirements

All dog breeds are a little different and require things a little differently. Research the kind of dog you plan on getting and make sure that you know what this breed requires. Some dogs need lots of training and exercise, while some would rather spend the day lounging on the couch. Also, look at the common health problems associated with the breed you are getting to make sure you are on the lookout for signs of these problems as a puppy.  

Research training equipment

Two Golden Retriever Puppies Sitting in a park on the fall

No matter the size of your pet, they will need training. Some people will start off with classes offered at a local pet store. More active dogs love training and will want to do more than just a puppy class. There are many different types of equipment you can purchase to train your dog at home. Research the best training equipment if you plan on doing advanced training with your dog.

Research quality dog food

Not all dog food is created equal. Research the different types of dog food and find out what is readily available in your area. Having your dog’s food already purchased before bringing them home is best. Most dogs want to eat as soon as they arrive at their new location.

Consult a Veterinarian

If you have not found a good veterinarian in your area, reach out to other dog parents and ask who they use. Finding a good veterinarian that you like before bring your puppy home will save you from having to find one during an emergency.

9 Things You Need For A Puppy

White Lab Laying On A wood Deck

There are many things that your puppy will need as soon as they come home. This is just a few of the most recommended products that you would need to bring your new puppy home.

High-Quality Puppy Food

Your dog will need a high-quality puppy food to feed them. Most breeders will send you a small amount of the food that they are feeding the puppy, and you can slowly transition them to the food that you want them to eat.

Specifically designed for Puppies

There are foods made explicitly for puppies. Making sure that you are feeding your puppy a puppy diet will ensure that they are getting all the nutrition that they need for growing. A large breed puppy should also be eating large breed puppy food. They have different nutritional requirements than small dogs.

Chemical-free mess cleaner 

All dogs will eventually make a mess that you will have to clean up. There are many options out there to clean up your dogs’ mess. This all-natural pet mess cleaner is an excellent choice for both your health and your puppy’s health. The enzymes in these all-natural cleaners break down messes and reduce stains.

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Collar and Leash 

Your dog will need a collar and leash to go on walks. There are many different styles that you can pick from. It is usually best to take your pet along to try them on.

Consider a Harness

Some people prefer a harness as your dog will not choke themselves if they pull on a harness like they will with a collar. An excellent harness to get your dog is an AllSafe Harness for the car. This allows your dog to sit in a seat in the car but also be bucked in and secure.

Adjustable Collar

When getting them a collar remember that the size your puppy is right now is not the size they will be when they are fully grown. Get them an adjustable collar to keep using when they grow.

Puppy-friendly Toys

Black And White puppy curious about the camera

Your puppy will need some toys to play with when you are not home or not able to play with them. These toys can have a dual purpose to train your dog and help with their teeth during play.

Consider Toys that train during play

These are a few excellent toys that can help train your dog during playtime. These toys usually involve moving the toy a certain way, and a treat pops out.

Toys that Clean Teeth

You can also get them toys that will clean their teeth. Toys such as hard rubber toys or rope toys will help your dog’s teeth stay clean while they play.

Dog Bed Options

Your dog will need a bed to sleep on. There are many good options for pet beds. These are a few of the typical bed that dogs love.

  • Orthopedic dog beds are not only great for older dogs or dogs with arthritis but also very comfy for any pet
  • Memory Foam pet beds are also excellent and comfy options.
  • Gel-Cooled beds will help keep your dog cool on a hot summer day.

All of these options help extend the health and comfort possibilities in your dog’s life.

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Training Crate

You will want a crate for your dog to sleep in. This will help with housebreaking through crate training.

Dog Bowls for food and water 

You will need a food and water bowl for your pet as soon as you get home. Many dogs will eat their food very fast, making themselves sick. It is recommended that you use a bowl that will cause them to have to eat slow such as the Outward Hound Fun Feeders Slo-Bowl. These bowls are more like a maze that the pets have to work around to get their pieces of dog food, thus making them eat slower.

Grooming Supplies

Long hair dogs will need their hair cut and brushed, but all dogs will need a bath. Make sure to get your new puppy all-natural shampoo and a good hairbrush. Depending on the breed of dog, you will determine the kind of hairbrush that you will need.

CBD Oil to calm stress during training

When training your new puppy or when they first come home, they may be stressed. CBD oil can help make a stressful situation better by helping to decrease your dog’s anxiety.

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No matter how many dogs you have, your new dog will also need things to make the home more pleasant. This guide has provided you with a great list of the most common things that you need to start off on the right foot with your new puppy.

9 Things you need for a puppy By: Sara Ochoa

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM

Since she was a little girl, she knew that her dream was to become a veterinarian. With a tremendous passion and love for animals that makes her a great source of knowledge for others. She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the Schnoodle, and Bam-Bam the bunny.

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