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3 Ways To A Happier, Healthier Dog

SitStay Blog 3 Ways To A Happier, Healthier Dog

As the National Pet Wellness month dawns, many dog lovers/owners are seeking out thoughtful ways to provide their pet with a higher quality of life. You might be wondering how you can help your own deserving dog(s) discover their ideal level of wellness. What simple actions can you employ to give your canine companions their happiest and healthiest version of themselves this year? Here are 3 suggestions that could have your furry friends in the best shape of their lives!

#1 Take care of your canine's bones.

While your dog may enjoy cavorting around the yard or leaping with pleasure at the sound of their favorite pet owner's approaching footsteps, so much constant action could have your playful pet's joints craving relief. Like humans, dogs could use a boost of a nutrient that comes from fish oil and dairy products to help protect their joints from damage. Cetyl Myristoleate is a compound known as an ester derived from fish oils, dairy and animal fats and is found in the supplemental form. It can relieve joint pain, increase your pup's range of motion and help their mobility.

#2 Start their digestive system on the right "tract".

Administering coconut oil and salmon oil to your health loving pup can help improve their digestive tract and reduce the risk of heart disease. When your canine companion experiences a digestive disturbance, coconut oil can rectify it. It's known to regulate and balance a dog's thyroid and metabolism rate. Salmon oil can improve their skin and the look of their coat.  Some studies show that coconut oil may reduce cancer risks It is also utilized to treat yeast or fungal infections. The "tree of life" (the coconut) and the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon could better your companion's chances at a healthy/happy life.

#3 Keep them smiling bright!

Preventing gum disease and strengthening a toothy grin can help keep your pet's chompers pain-free. When you fortify your pet's bones with phosphorus, Vitamin D and calcium, your dog can tug on his favorite chew toy without fear.  Their favorite bone or the treats they enjoy could continue to be a source of their happiness when you supplement their diet with proactive nutrients. Brushing their teeth is a great way to keep their teeth healthy!

Boost your awareness and their personal wellness with thoughtful, positive changes. The right supplements can supply your treasured canine with what they need to ensure yours and their happiness lasts for years to come!

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