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What Are the Best Dog Beds For Working Dogs

Small dog on a brown pillow top dog bed

Finding the best dog bed for your pet is incredibly important, after all, most dogs sleep on average 14- 16 hours a day. Finding the right bed is even more important if you have a working dog. These dogs perform important roles that are mentally and physically challenging. Consider the amazing endurance of search and rescue dogs, the mental agility and physical prowess of police dogs, or the lightning fast reactions of seizure response dogs. From small dogs to large dogs, the right dog bed is an important part of a dogs life and it needs to be a consideration.

That's right, the life of a working dog can be tough. And every working dog needs a high-quality bed to help them rest and recuperate after a hard day's work. This is critical to ensure not only the short term performance of your animal but also the long term joint health and overall durability. We all know Recovery is and essential key for success for top athletes, and it makes sense for working dogs too! 

What are the best service dog breeds?

But with so many dog beds on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose for your working dog. A great working dog bed can last a lifetime and will hugely improve your dog's quality of life. But the truth is that not all working pet beds are created equal.

In this post, we'll share our top tips for choosing a working bed that will stand the test of time, support your dog's health, and provides a cozy resting place at the end of a long day. 

So, what are the best dog beds? A great working pet bed should be comfortable, durable, and provide sufficient support for your dog's entire body. We also recommend choosing a bed that's washable, waterproof and resists stubborn stains and odors. 

In the next part of this post, we'll take a look at each of these features in more detail to help you choose the perfect working dog bed for your four-legged friend.

Dogs need a comfortable place to call their own

Small White Dog Asleep On A Plush Grey Bed

A high-quality bed will provide a comfortable resting place for years to come. Cheap, low-quality beds may be comfortable, to begin with, but they will often flatten down and quickly become uncomfortable with regular use. 

Even though small dogs might be more easily accepted in human beds than their larger counterparts, dogs do sleep the majority of the day. This means that small dogs need small dog beds too! Besides, the impact of jumping up and down from a human bed can cause a lot of problems for joints later on in life. So regardless if you are looking for a dog bed for a labrador or a toy poodle, they need a good bed.

Take care to choose a large dog bed with adequate cushioning that protects your dog from the hard floor. High-quality modern fabrics retain their shape and provide maximum comfort for your dog.

It's also important to select a bed that's the right size for your working dog. Before buying a bed, measure your dog from nose to tail with a tape measure to make sure he'll have plenty of space to stretch out.

If your dog prefers to curl up, you may want to choose a bed with raised and cushioned edges that cradle your dog and provide a sense of security. These dog beds are often called bolster or bolstered beds.

Another consideration is temperature control. Partially enclosed beds with raised edges can help keep your dog warm if you live in a colder climate or own a dog that chills easily. It is important that your dog stays warm and comfortable to aid in recovery. For warmer climates, opt for an open bed made of modern material that stays cool, even in summer. Dogs need to stay warm and comfortable, so temperature management is important.

When selecting an orthopedic bed it is important to understand the memory foam can often times retain heat. This can cause your pup to not use the bed and lay on the floor (which is super bad for their joint health). If you purchase a memory foam bed, ensure you buy one that has some temperature control properties such as gel-infused foam or vertical ventilation. 

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Durability- finding a dog bed that will last

Dog scratching their face on their dog bed in a living room

A high-quality working dog bed should be durable enough to last your dog's lifetime. When choosing a dog bed, look for modern materials that are resistant to abrasion and chewing. Top manufacturers will offer warranties against defects in materials or workmanship.

Another way to gauge the quality of a bed for your dogs is to look at the attention to detail that has gone into its construction. Examples of features that indicate quality, craftsmanship, and durability include straight stitching and hidden or enclosed zippers. 

Finding the right support

Golden retriever sleep on their comfy pillow dog bed

Proper support is important to your dog's health. And since working dogs often have physically demanding jobs that can put stress and strain on their bodies, it's vital that their beds provide enough support to help prevent problems such as arthritis and joint issues.

Dogs also become susceptible to joint problems and stiffness in their limbs as they age. The best way to avoid this is by providing a bed that offers excellent support as early on in their life as possible. So a good support system is not just for older dogs or senior dogs. All dogs can benefit from a supportive bed. With older animals, it is recommended to go with memory foam vs a super soft or plush dog bed. Plush beds are great for comfort, but not the support that older dogs need.

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Orthopedic dog beds are designed to support the joints, back, and overall body, keeping your dog fit and healthy. Look for high-quality beds made from real Visco elastic memory foam that conforms to your pet's body and redistributes their weight evenly across the bed. This is especially important for all dogs of all ages, but older dogs will see dramatic benefits of putting them on a supportive sleep surface. Getting your young dog a pet bed that is supportive is a very important proactive measure you can take that will aid their musclo-skeletal health as they age into older dogs.

Avoid plush beds with too much cushion. This will simply make it hard for dogs to get in and out of and will cause long term detrimental effects. Also, avoid beds made from cheap memory foam as they can cause your dog's body to sink into the bed leading to painful pressure points and overheating. A truly orthopedic bed should provide excellent support for the entire body, promote straight spinal alignment, and relieve pressure so your dog can relax in complete comfort. For proper weight redistribution, there needs to be a supporting layer, bonded to a memory foam layer.

Does Your Animal have Special Needs?

Wet Goldendoodle running on rocks with a ball in their mouth on a sunny day

All of our pets are special, but some do require extra features to improve comfort or make life easier. Is your dog a chewer or nester? You may consider some chew proof dog beds that are made with ballistic material. Older dogs may have some "leakage" problems, some modern, high-quality dog beds feature fully performance fabric covers that keep messy spills on the surface. Even if your dog is not incontinent, almost all dogs are going to secrete coat oil in addition to drool.  If this sounds like your dog, you might consider these performance fabrics as they can be very easy to wipe clean and you tend to need to wash them much less. Finding a dog bed that is machine washable and easy to clean is a must.

Many manufacturers of cheap pet beds claim that their products are waterproof, but often they use plastic like interior liners that trap spills under the fabric at the base of the bed. This means that the bed will quickly become soiled and need frequent washing. Waterproof liners can also trap heat, causing discomfort and overheating. Ensure any liner you do by is vapor-porous or "breathable" to allow airflow. Make sure the liner you get is breathable.

Look for Modern Performance Fabrics

Guilty looking Golden Retriever Covered In Mud

Does your dog have any special needs? A lot of the best working dog beds are made from modern stay-clean fabric that's resistant to stains and odors or built extra tough to resist tears and chewing. By comparison, low-quality dog beds are made from cheap fabric that traps odors and stains and can easily be destroyed.

Even though a lot of these cheap dog beds can be machine washed to clean the fabric, they often times fall apart quickly after a wash or two. Picking a bed that uses a durable fabric that is easy to clean is important if you want your investment to last.

Some of the higher quality beds feature anti-bacterial fabric that helps protect your dog against allergens and harmful canine skin diseases caused by mold and bacterial growth. These high-performance fabrics ensure that your pet's bed is easy to clean, doesn't smell, and rarely needs to be washed. There are very few companies out there that use the higher quality fabric does to the price so you should absolutely do your research on what type of fabric is being used.

Get a Machine Washable Cover

Our final recommendation is to choose a working dog bed with a fully washable cover so it is easy to clean. High-quality pet beds with stay-clean, antibacterial fabric will rarely need washing, but occasional washing of your dog's bed can provide extra protection against a buildup of microorganisms in your dog's bedding.

Always avoid cheap dog beds that don’t have removable, washable covers. These products can only be spot cleaned, which is a very ineffective way to keep your dog's bed hygienic. Although many people adopt this disposable mentality of buying cheap bed after a cheap bed, it may be worth investing in a higher quality bed that will last longer and need washing less. Often times if people do the math, they will find a high-quality dog bed is worth the price.

Our Choices for the Best dog beds

Best Dog Bed for Working Dogs

1. Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed by BuddyRest

Best Dog Beds

2. Chew Proof Tough Pup Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Good Dog Bed

3. Romeo Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed by BuddyRest

big barker 7

4. Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

barksbar gray orthopedic dog bed

5. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Brindle 4 inch memory foam orthopedic dog bed

6. Brindle 4 inch Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed


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