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Where Can I Get a Good Tactical Dog Leash?

A brown and white dog being walked by her owner. The dog is pulling on the leash.
Jordan Ashley author of  where can I get a good tactical dog leash

Most pet owners experience some bad behavior from their dog on a walk, more often than not this is pulling on the leash. When you’re walking a mild-mannered terrier, this isn’t such a big deal. Although, a strong dog can cause some real problems with a single tug on a standard lead.

With working or service dogs, they have to learn how to not pull on a leash. A tactical dog leash can be used during training to teach a dog proper walking etiquette. They can make the process of training a working dog to behave considerably easier.

 What is a Tactical Dog Leash?

 A tactical dog leash is simply a leash that makes the process of walking a strong dog easier. They control a dog on a walk and pull them back to teach them not to pull on the handle while walking. These are some of the things that make them different. 

  • Meant for Strong-Willed Pulling Dog –A tactical dog leash is specifically designed to handle the weight and strength of a strong-willed dog. It should be able to handle their pulling on the leash without bothering their handler.
  • Often Made of Kevlar or Other Similar Material –To achieve these results with a strong-willed dog, these leashes are typically made of strong materials. Kevlar or similar materials are industrial strength, making sure these are secure leashes.
  • Meant for Training and Keeping a Dog in Line –A tactical dog leash is meant for training a dog to behave properly on walks, or reinforcing this to a particularly strong dog. These are a few notches above your average walking lead.
  • Often Used for Police and Military Dogs –The fact that these leashes are used by the police and military to train dogs is a good indication of how they work! These leashes get the job done. 

What Would Be Good Options for a Tactical Dog Leash? 

If you need a tactical dog leash for dogs, then you do have quite a few options. There are plenty on the market that cater to the strong dog, and choosing the right one decides how well it works. 

If you choose a tactical dog leash that doesn't hold up to punishment, you're going to end up with a dog that doesn't notice he's being held back, or one that's able to pull you over mid-walk! These are some of the best tactical dog leashes available at the moment, the ones that work just as they need to:

Freedom Flex Tactical Dog Leash (Anti-Pull) 

TheFreedom Flex tactical dog leash is a leash that focuses on stopping your dog from pulling and insulating you against any attempts to pull. A big dog can easily pull over a person, so this leash is designed to stop that. These are some of its main properties: 

  • Kevlar Leash – This leash is made of Kevlar so it is pretty strong. It will take an awful lot to break of damage it. This is helpful if your dog can pull with quite a bit of strength, but also reassuring since this lead is going to be built to last.
  •  Designed for Training – This leash can flex quite a bit to accommodate a dog, making it easier to train your dog not to pull. A leash like this can make training easier by removing the reward of getting to go where they want to from pulling. When pulling doesn’t reward them, a dog is less likely to try it.
  •  Flexible to Compensate for a Pulling Dog – A strong pulling dog can overpower some people if they’re not expecting it. This leash is made in a unique way that makes it flexible. This means the Kevlar takes the shock and impact from your dog’s sudden pull, rather than the dog pulling your arm. 

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The Freedom flex leash incorporates the latest in stretch flex technology to take the “shock” of walking a “pulling” dog. This innovative leash makes it more pleasant for all involved. Utilizing Kevlar thread and USA craftsmanship, this over-engineered leash is built to last!

Tough Pup Tactical Frogman Leash 

That isn’t the only option for tactical dog leashes for dogs that you can be sure will work. TheTough Pup Tactical Frogman leash is just as strong and will definitely help you control even a difficult dog's behavior on a walk. These are some of the selling points for this leash: 

  • Tough Modern Material – This leash is made from really strong materials. You can be sure that your dog won’t be able to get the better of it with this kind of power holding it together.
  • Secure and Steady – This leash is going to keep your dog securely under control by a combination of that strong material, and the unique clasp that it uses.
  • Uses the Frog Clasp –Something really unique about the Tough Pup Tactical Frogman Leash is its clasp. The frog clasp is the same fasten that is used by the military to secure themselves in moving helicopters while being able to release or re-secure at a moment's notice. This kind of security and agility in a dog leash is really impressive. If it works for moving helicopters, it probably works for your dog too! 

TEK-9 Police Dog Lead 

TheTek-9 Police Dog lead is another great choice when you’re looking for a decent lead for k-9 units. This is made from unique materials, has a fantastic innovative fasten, and is even designed in a unique way to relieve any stress on the handler. It doesn't really get much better than this. This is why this leash stands out so much: 

  • Made of a PVC Mesh Weave with a Webbing Core –This lead is made from a PVC mesh that has a webbing core. This gives it a different type of feel. It should enable you to use the leash with a soft grip, without sacrificing anything in terms of being secure.
  • Brass Snap Clasp Modelled After Those Used for Horses –A powerful dog can pull pretty hard. These clasps are built to withstand the power of a horse, even a stubborn Great Dane should be contained by this simple leash! The application of horse-designed clasps for a dog’s lead may seem like overkill, but you’re getting something you know is reliable this way.
  • Double-Riveted at Stress Points for Maximum Strength and Durability -Stress points in a lead are the sections of it that are likely to be pulled and tested the hardest when a dog suddenly bolts against it. These points can wear out quicker because of the way a dog pulls. That’s why this lead has been double riveted in these spots. It is going to be secure, and you can be secure in the knowledge that this lead will last a long time.
  •  Weather-Resistant –Dogs don't care about the weather, but most fabrics do. This lead is built to stand up to any weather conditions, just like a dog is.
  • Designed to Feel Like Leather –A tactical dog leash for dogs will often have to sacrifice feel, or comfort, for the sake of reliability and strength. This lead doesn’t have that problem as the strong materials are designed to feel like a high-quality leather lead.
  • Made in the USA –This product is made in the USA, so you can be sure that you’re getting something reliable. 

Which is The Best Tactical Dog Leash? 

Tactical dog leashes are great at keeping a strong dog under-control and helping you train them to walk better in the future. However, there are a lot of different ones available. There is no objective best dog lead, but all of those listed here are great candidates.

Which one is right for you is simply going to come down to your priorities! No matter which you pick, you’re going to have an easier time walking a tough dog with one of these.

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Jordan Ashley author of  where can I get a good tactical dog leash

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