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why is pumpkin good for dogs

Why is pumpkin good for dogs

Pumpkin is one of those things where you are unsure if it is ok for your dog to eat or not. Well it is and it comes with some amazing perks as well. Pumpkin can help your dog in many ways and in this article I will cover three that I believe stand out for their beneficial properties.

Before we get started let’s cover the ways you will want to prepare the pumpkin.

How to give your dog pumpkin

As I am writing this fall and October have just began and pumpkin season is in full effect, but pumpkins can be a great addition to your dogs diet all year round! The safest and most common way to give your dog pumpkin is through pumpkin puree found at any local grocery store. Make sure it is not pumpkin pie filling as this could contain extra fats, sugars, and spices we don't want to give our dog! Pumpkin puree can be added to your dog’s food right out of the can for ease of use and they will love it.  

Why is pumpkin good for dogs

Raw and cooked pumpkin flesh and pumpkin seeds are also safe for your dog to eat and can sometimes keep them happy for a while. Make sure your pumpkin does not have any rot or mold as this can be dangerous to give to your furry friend.

Benefits of pumpkin for dogs

Why is pumpkin good for dogs? Well let me answer this with three amazing ways pumpkin can help your dog with its natural benefits.

benefits of pumpkin for dogs

Boost to the gut

Sometimes dogs have digestive issues that can lead them to discomfort and other problems down the road. Pumpkin can be an all natural solution due to its high amount of fiber that can get your dog back to normal. Whether it is constipation or diarrhea the high amounts of fiber can regulate your dog's digestive tract to make them feel better and be healthier. Just add in a tablespoon or two of pumpkin puree to your dogs regular diet to get them back to their regular selves.  

Why is pumpkin good for dogs

Soft and healthy skin and coat

Pumpkin seeds contain fatty acids and these can be amazing for a dog’s skin and coat. The flesh also contain loads of beneficial compounds that can improve the overall health and well being of your dog. Their coat will be back to its glorious ways and will split less making them look like the bell of the ball. It will also make their skin healthier reducing itching patterns and other bad habits due to unhealthy skin.

Lower your dogs weight

Dogs love to eat, it's no secret, and sometimes dogs can eat too much to the point where they gain a few pounds around the waist. This can lead to other health problems including high blood pressure and joint pains. Pumpkin is a great way to fill your dog’s diet where they may have otherwise kept eating. Simply replace some of their normal diet with pumpkin puree and they will get just as full with less calories than usual.

Why is pumpkin good for dogs

Other ways to improve health

Pumpkin is amazing on its own don't get me wrong but some products can help keep your dog tip top when they are facing illness or deficiencies.

Coconut oil can help keep your dog healthy in some of the same ways pumpkin it improves skin and coat, digestion, and is known as a superfood with tons of other loaded benefits to Fidos everyday diet.

natural doggie virgin coconut oil



Salmon oil is another great way to help your furry friend, using Omega 3 fatty acid salmon oil helps skin allergies, digestion, immune systems, inflammation, and blood and heart issues that some dogs face on a daily basis.

natural doggie wild alaskan salmon oil



CBD  is a compound derived from hemp that is non psychoactive and safe for dogs that is being shown to help in some amazing ways. CBD has ties to lowering anxiety levels, reducing seizure worries, preventing arthritis, and improving appetite.

cbd infused coconut oil

Natural Doggie Organic Hemp Infused Coconut Oil Dog Super Supplement


To End things

Pumpkin has benefits that should not be looked past and yes it is safe for dogs to eat! Why is pumpkin good for dogs you ask? Well there are tons of reasons to slip your furry friend some pumpkin slice. You might even make their day with a new favorite treat! If you liked this post share it with your friends so they can see the benefits of pumpkin for dogs, and leave a comment to get the conversation going.

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