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10 Ways a Puppy reminds you of a Toddler

September 19, 2016 0 Comments

SitStay Blog 10 Ways A Puppy Reminds You Of A Toddler

Puppies are incredibly cute, and many people treat them like children. In many ways, puppies are like children. Some of the cute things that puppies do are so much like children that it's remarkable. Here are just a few that will put you in mind of children easily:

  1. They think everything is edible - Dogs, like young children, explore everything by trying to eat it, so you'll need to spend time keeping them from eating things they shouldn't
  2. Communicating is an adventure - Puppies can only understand simple commands, much like very young children, so you want to keep any commands that you give them very simple
  3. Safety is always first and foremost - Like kids, puppies can find every possible dangerous situation to get into, so minimal supervision is not an option
  4. They want to be in the middle of everything - No puppy likes missing out on action, much like an enthusiastic child, so make every effort to include them in your family life
  5. No walk is short - Curiosity spurs everything a puppy does, so when you go out for walks prepare yourself for a lot of sniffing and investigating
  6. You can't resist the cute clothing - Your puppy, like a toddler, won't fit into that cute outfit forever, so you will give in to temptation
  7. It's impossible to stay mad at them - Sure, your puppy might destroy your new cross-trainers, but how can you resist that face?
  8. Prepare for some sleepless nights - The first few days and weeks away from littermates and their mom will be tough on your puppy, so be prepared to be up at night a lot
  9. They are too cute for words while sleeping - A sleeping puppy is always a sweet, and somewhat angelic, sight
  10. Your house will need to be puppy-proofed - Puppy-proofing a house is much like baby-proofing. which requires work but will keep your puppy happier and safer

Being a pet parent is a lot like being a human parent, and very rewarding, so you won't want to miss out on a chance to raise a new fur-child.