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7 Ways to Save and Celebrate National Dog Week

September 21, 2016 0 Comments

SitStay Blog 7 Ways to Save and Celebrate National Dog Week

Today SitStay.com kicked off 7 Days, 7 Ways to Save and Celebrate National Dog Week.

I'll be honest, every week is a dog's week at SitStay. We have dogs in the store nearly every day including long-time four-legged friends like Danté the shadow chaser and Cameron the Pug, not to mention all the customers who visit.

Most holidays remind us to do more of the things we love. Whether you are a dog owner or not, we encourage you to pause and do good in honor of man's best friend. Here are 7 ways to participate in National Dog Week.


Share your time and a dime by volunteering, donating or adopting from your local animal shelter. Your helping hands and loving heart are always needed.


This is our favorite; when you see pet parents out and about with their dogs, pay them a compliment, say hello or even share one of your favorite treats.


Let's face it, the best way to celebrate is with a little pampering ... indulge your dog with an unexpected trip to the groomer, new treat or stylish new collar.


National Dog Week is the last week of September which also happens to be about 80 days until Christmas. HOLY COW! I mean HOLY DAWG!


Host an "Only pets allowed party" this week with an assortment of fun goodies such as Brown Beggers Bully Bits, serve fresh water in plastic martini glasses and organize lots of backyard playtime. Don't forget the poop bags (these also make great gifts for your guests).


Most of us are enjoying the outdoor-friendly weather this week. Get on those sneakers, DOOG walking belt and quality harness and get moving. Perhaps an evening walk after a long day's work - how about packing a picnic basket. Nothing is better than an interactive game of fetch - we just got these new toys at Sitstay.com and LOVE them!


There are very few moments that can compete with the joyful feeling we share when playing with our dogs. They are happy, tails are wagging, slobber is flying and at that moment ... life is good. Life with a dog is indeed the GOODLIFE! Amidst your busy schedule, be sure to take the time and play, play, play!

Happy National Dog Week!