Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day with a new plush toy for Fido!

September 24, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

SitStay Blog Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day with a new plush toy for Fido!
Kendall Abbott author of Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day with a new plush toy for Fido!

On October 28, it's Plush Animal Lover's Day. Throughout the world, everyone is supposed to treat their stuffed, plush, toys with a little extra love. These comfort objects may have seen you through the worst of times and even the best of times. How can you celebrate this adorable holiday? Get a new plush toy for Fido!

Pet parents love showering their precious pups with gifts. Perhaps that's because canines seem to appreciate the little things in life more than our children or friends. Plus, soft toys can even comfort some dogs, and toys can fight boredom and stave off the development of destructive behaviors. According to The Humane Society of the United States, dog toys are a "necessity". The Society explains that "Some dogs like to carry around soft toys, so pick one that's small enough; 2. Some dogs want to shake or 'kill' their toys, so choose one that's large enough to prevent accidental swallowing and sturdy enough to withstand the dog's attacks." 

See Fido's tail wag with delight when you bring home any one of these darling stuffed, plush, toys:

Kong Pudgy the Rooster:He's cuddly, and he has a squeaker. Kong Pudgy touts a strong, tight braid on his main body so your dog's teeth get an incredible workout! Dimensions are roughly 8 by 6 by 4 inches.

Kong Fuzzy Frog Squeaker Toy: Are you tired of buying your dog squeaker toys, and they seem utterly useless after he has destroyed the squeaker? Fear not! Fuzzy Frog has a Velcro opening so you can replace the squeaker or put a tennis ball in its place. The squeaker is also contained in a special pouch, and Fuzzy Frog comes with one extra squeaker.  

Hatchables Inside Out Toy: Here's a great value: two toys in one! Choose from a blue bird, yellow duck, toucan, turtle, or chameleon. This reversible toy allows you to either play catch with Fido and the egg, then push the plush inside the egg so your dog can help the toy 'hatch'. There's a squeaker inside, and it's a great toy for dogs of any size!

You may have never heard of Plush Animal Lover's Day before, but that doesn't mean it's too late to mark it on your calendar. Your dog may just need that stimulation to keep his body, mind, and spirit sharp. Fido will certainly be delighted with a new buddy! 

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Kendall Abbott

Kendall Abbott obtained her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Kansas, she then went on to pursue her education and love for animals by attending the Animal Behavior College. Kendall began her professional career as an animal care technician for the Kansas Humane Society. After finishing school Kendall followed her passion for dog training and took a position with Beyond The Dog. After 5 years she then left to focus on being a freelance dog trainer.