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The First 4 Commands Every Dog Needs To Know

January 08, 2016 0 Comments

The First 4 Commands Every Dog Needs To Know

Dogs like to know their place within the pack. One of the best ways to reinforce your place as the pack leader is by teaching your dog some simple commands. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when training your dog on new commands. Some commands seem challenging and others seem frivolous, but some are very important for their safety and well-being. You may, or may not, see the value in teaching your dog fancy tricks, but there are several commands that every dog should know first. The following is a list from Sitstay, your good for your dog supplies store, of the top commands that all dogs should know:


This is one of the most basic commands that we teach our dogs. It can prevent your dog from jumping on you, your visitors or the nice old lady who lives next to you. You don't want your dog to accidentally cause harm to anyone. They also need to know you are in charge no matter how excited they are about guests, visitors, or treats.


Although a dog that is sitting is supposed to stay, actually saying the word "stay" will make the dog's directions even clearer. This is important especially if you have a busy street in front of your house or if you need to run back and forth through a door and you need your dog to stay safely inside or stay safely outside.


Your dog needs to know when you expect them to come back to you. They need to do this immediately, not whenever they feel like it. A dog that won't come to you when you call them can be incredibly frustrating. You may have serious complications if you live in a busier area like a city or if you want to take your dog on long walks without a leash, or in a dog park. A good way to train your dog to always come is by giving them a delicious treat when they get to you! This also lets them know you are always in charge, no matter where they are.

Lie Down

This command is a must for every dog because of two reasons. The first being that it keeps your dog in one place, and hopefully out of trouble. The second being that lying down is a more vulnerable position, and it reinforces the fact that you are in charge. 

    The above are just a few essential simple actions that every dog needs to know to be safe and happy in your home. You can use treats to make learning new commands fun and delicious for your pup, try our LeanLix. They are low in calories and taste amazing. To learn more please stay tuned for lots of great tips in our future dog blogs.