Six Benefits for Using a Mesh Vest

September 07, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

SitStay Blog: Six Benefits for Using a Mesh Vest

Knowing which vest to pick for your dog depends on a number of factors including function of the vest, if your dog performs tasks for you, or how your dog handles warm weather. We’ll break down a few reasons why we love mesh vests, which are a great option for both service dogs and companion pets.

Great For Warm Weather

  • Mesh vests are great for use in warm weather because they are the lightest weight material available for vests.
  • Do you have a long-haired dog who seems to think it’s always too hot out? The mesh vest is the optimal choice to give you the functionality of a vest, but with breathable fabric that won’t add more heat to your dog.

Ease Of Change & Visibility

  • Velcro patches on these vests are perfect for dogs still in training. Once you and your pup have graduated, you can swap out the “In Training” patch for another patch such as “Service Dog Do Not Pet” or “Therapy Dog”. This is an easy and cost-effective option for all stages of your dog’s life with you.
  • The patches are embroidered which gives you a high-quality, highly visible product for your dog’s vest. Stitching the lettering on the patches means better durability and a more professional look for you and your pup!


  • One of our most requested features is the D-ring. The mesh vest has a D-ring on the center back so that you can easily attach a leash. No need for other collars or harnesses to stay connected to your dog.
  • Six sizes and six colors for the mesh vest means you can pick what’s best for your situation. In addition to the always-popular red and blue, we have pink, purple, green, and orange vests available.

Can you tell we’re big fans of the mesh vest? Whether you have a service dog that will wear a vest when you’re in public or you have a companion doggo that could use a vest for higher visibility while out on walks, there’s a vest for your needs.

Still have questions? Send us a message or call us. We’d love to talk with you about your vest needs.