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Capturing The Perfect Pup Portrait

SitStay Blog Capturing The Perfect Pup Portrait

If you’re planning on taking your dog’s portrait as a keepsake, holiday card or framed photo for your home, getting a quality picture can be a challenge. The following tips can help you capture the best photo of your pup. 

Choose a Calm Setting

Trying to take your dog’s picture at your local park or in another area that has a lot of distractions can make it even harder for you to get a good one. Instead, pick an area that’s calm and quiet, such as your own home or backyard. Keep in mind that you can always edit your photo and spruce up the background if needed. 

Stay Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will give you a harsh photo that really doesn’t provide a flattering image of your pup. If you’re taking photos outdoors, pick a spot that has enough natural light without exposing your dog to direct sunlight. Overcast days are ideal because you won't have any sun-glare. 

Ask for Help

If your dog is the type who gets easily distracted, have another person help you out. Ask a friend or family member to hold up a squeaky toy above the camera to get your dog’s attention and keep it there while you take your pictures. Just make sure that your dog won’t get up to try and get the toy. 

Encourage a Smile

Your dog might not smile on command, but there are other ways to encourage a happy expression for photos. Before taking your dog’s picture, have a short play session. Getting your dog to be active means you’re more likely to get a wide grin or smile while taking photos. Just keep in mind that your dog might have a bit of trouble sitting still for photos after just playing.

Experiment with Different Perspectives

Instead of just taking pictures from your own height, crouch down to your dog’s level. This perspective can give you some interesting photos of your dog that are perfect for a framed picture or keepsake. 

Take Several Photos

Since dogs can be unpredictable, you might find that the best photos end up being candid ones. Don’t hesitate to take several pictures of your dog. You can sort through them later to see which ones came out best.

Keep in mind that the most important part of taking the perfect portrait of your dog is having patience. Your photo session should be a fun, relaxing one rather than a stressful one.

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