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11 Best Dog Breeds for Cats of 2022

Golden retriever puppy playing with a grey kitten

There has always been this idea of a war between dogs and cats, I mean there are even movies based on this idea! But some breeds of dogs are friends to the feline species and have a better chance of getting along with these family members.

Some breeds of dogs like to chase, others like to herd, and some are just friendly. These traits can make some dogs more tolerable to cats while still liking them back. These dogs made the list for a reason but all dogs have their own mind so if you don't see your dog's breed on the list they may be the best with cats but another dog from their breed is not. The same goes for dogs on the list, there is no guarantee there is only a slightly better chance they will become friends.

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Best Dog Breeds For Cats


Multi colored beagle running through grass on a sunny day

This small hound breed is known for sniffing away at whatever dogs like to smell outside, they are also known to howl at anything in sight. The great thing about these little entertaining dogs is that they are curious and happy go lucky enjoying any situation they are put in (for the most part). The Beagle is friendly at its core and even if they annoy your cat they will still try to befriend it at any cost.  


Two pugs panting while sitting on a white chair

A breed with a face that society can't decide if it’s the cutest or the ugliest dog around yet it still finds its way into anyone's heart at first glance. Pugs love to snuggle up and nap and can fall asleep almost anywhere, even with a cat on it. These dogs are great with kids and this is seen in their gentile nature with cats as well. And even if it gets rough pugs are tough enough to handle their own. This breed is prone to certain health problems however and may benefit from salmon oil in their diet.  

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Chocolate Lab Sitting On A Bed Looking Down

This loving giant breed is known for its tenderness, even if they seem like a bigger dog they have the gentlest mindset. This breed has been known to be great with kids and it is no different when it comes to cats. Labradors will often tolerate anything your cat might due to them and still snuggle up with them after.


Bulldog looking up on the deck

Bulldogs are a meaty ball of happiness that likes to eat! They love to play and nap equally and can be great companions to any member of the family including cats. If your cat likes to sleep cuddled up to something a bulldog may be the best choice as they can nap all day together. Making it a contender for one of the best dog breeds for cats. 

Golden retriever

best dog breeds for cats

The breed that is on almost every list is the golden retriever and there is a reason for this. Not only is this breed easy to train, but they are extremely patient in any situation they may be in which is why they are also great service dogs. cats are no problem to golden retrievers as they know their boundaries and oftentimes won't overstep them. They are also incredibly funny dogs when it's time to play around.


Papillon squinting towards the sun

When you see this dog’s ears you know what breed it is. The Papillon is a small breed with butterfly shaped ears and is almost smaller than an average cat. This breed is another happy go lucky dog and loves to be close to people. They also enjoy any playtime they can get even if it means the cat is involved. These dogs are loving and will be a great addition to any household with a cat around.


best dog breeds for cats include this corgi under a tree on a sunny day

Corgis are a breed that is hard to mistake with their short legs and pointy ears. This breed has a whole lotta love to give and this extends to every member of the family including cats. Corgis are well rounded and can fit into any lifestyle, along with this they can adapt to how your cat behaves and will know how to keep the peace. these long-bodied dogs are known to have certain back problems however so get them a good bed!

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looking into the distance with greenery behind them

These spaniels are fearless and love everything that moves meaning they will love your cat even if a flurry of claws are flying in their direction. This breed has longer ears and is very affectionate loving to be around their owners. They also have a face that always looks like a puppy, a great coat, and a temperament to withstand even the meanest cat. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is one of the best dog breeds for cats.  

Basset hound

Basset Hound Puppy Looking Guilty on the tile floor of a kitchen

Another hound, known to howl is the Basset hound. This breed loves its owner and anything its owner loves. This means they will tolerate a cat even if they don't want to. With their long ears and the good nose, the basset hound loves to hunt smells and sounds including anything a cat does that it finds strange.


Boxer looking excited in front of a dining table

The boxer is a muscular built dog that loves to play, this means they have lots of energy. Though your cat may not enjoy this breed the best the boxer is an incredibly loving animal that just wants to have some fun. But even though they can annoy your cat they are tough enough to handle any repercussions that might happen.

Boston terrier

Boston Terrier Playing With A Ball In A Grass Field

The last of the best dog breeds for cats on our list is the Boston terrier, a dog with a whole lot of heart. The Boston terrier is a well-mannered dog that will love every member of the family. They can handle their own but often get scared during certain situations. They will be good to your cat but also may be scared of it to the point of anxiety in its presence. No matter what they will live together in some form of harmony that will keep them both happy.

Again just because a dog is on the list does not mean they will be good with cats as all dogs have a different mindset when it comes to these situations. If you enjoyed this list feel free to share it or leave a comment if you had something to add.

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