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Bringing Your Dog to Work: What Owners Need to Know!

Claudia Bensimoun author of Bringing your dog to work day

Bringing your dog to work not only allows for optimal bonding with your furry best friend- it’s also beneficial for reducing stress and increasing productivity. Pet lovers know that nothing beats bringing Fido to work, and having him alongside you all day. 

Today, many businesses are welcoming pets, allowing these lucky canines and their humans to spend more time together!  Having your pooch in the workplace allows for less separation anxiety, allowing our fur babies to benefit from mental stimulation and interaction with other dogs and people.

Are Dogs Allowed in the Workplace?

With over 68% of households in the U.S owning a pet, more and more workplaces are allowing for dogs in the workplace, thanks to millennials. Look at Purina, Amazon, Google, and even Etsy that follow recruiting tactics embracing dog-friendly policies!

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Workplace?

Before you decide to bring your dog to work, it’s best to consider the pros and cons within the work environment, and also if your furry best friend is well trained and housebroken.

The  American Kennel Club offers a guide on Canine Good Citizen (CGC) which is a program that is not only well recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior of which dogs have to pass a 10 –step CGC test to earn a certificate and/or the AKC CGC title. Having a dog that’s well-behaved will help you and your pooch be the best you can be- together!

As of 1989, there have been over 1 million dogs that have participated in this program with their pet parents. Not only do they master the 10 basic skills that instill confidence and good manners in and out of your home, but dogs get the basic foundation for dog sports and activities like agility, tracking, obedience and more!

It’s well worth considering the CGC program for your pooch before taking him to work. This also helps when you’re traveling with your furry best friend, and need him to be on his best behavior at  pet friendly resorts.

Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work?

1. Less stress

Studies demonstrate that employees that bring their dogs to work have less signs of stress and burn-out. According toPurina, employees that bring their pets to work are also “willing to spearhead efforts to make their workplace pet friendly,” via Purina. Bringing your pets to work also makes it easier for pets to approach strangers, and get to know them better.

2. Boosts morale and increases productivity

Being next to our furry best friends makes us feel happier, less stressed, and also allows for more productivity. When employees are less stressed, more enthusiastic about going to work, and friendlier, there’s a better work environment.

It also allows for less anxiety for both pet parents and pooch. If you’ve recently adopted a new puppy, you’ll need to spend more time with him; bringing him to work allows for more bonding. You won’t need to hire a dog sitter or ask a friend to babysit your new furry best friend. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or  canine depression will also fare better with pet parents working right by their side!

3. Enhances health

Mental wellness is an important part of productivity. A 2020  Forbes study adds that “Engaging in wellbeing programs builds better teams: When employees engage in corporate wellbeing programs that help foster habits and attitudes on the individual level, the impact radiates to their teams and even client relationships, fostering environments of inclusion, belonging and improved citizenship behavior,” via Forbes.

4. Provides fun lunch breaks

With dogs easing our mindset, and allowing for easier connections being made in the workplace, well-trained, friendly dogs can only enhance motivation, creativity and teamwork. Sometimes, it only takes a furry best friend to break the ice and allow for new friendships. If you’re shy, taking your dog to work can help eliminate the angst of meetings, deadlines, and getting to know new people in the workplace.

5. Allows for mental stimulation and increased socialization in dogs

Our dogs love being around other dogs and people. Dogs benefit from regular socialization combined with plenty of mental stimulation! That said, bringing your dog to work reduces the amount of time that your dog gets left behind at home. You can also bring your dog to the nearest dog park during lunch hours, or if your job has a dog park, you won’t have to worry about your dog getting enough vigorous exercise.

Walking breaks increase job productivity, and also creativity. So if you’re on overload, think about the benefits of bringing your pooch to work. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use a secure and supportive  dog harness and leash, and to bring along a top notch  dog bed to ensure comfort and support.

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Fido in the Workplace

Before bringing your dog to work, you’ll need to consider certain things like if your employer is on board, if your dog is well-behaved around other dogs and people, and if your pooch is a good fit to spend the day at the office. Consider your dog’s health, age, breed, activity level,noise sensitivity level, and how he reacts to new people. Some breeds may be more protective than others, and also may be more easily distracted than others.

Will your pooch go exploring unexpectedly? Will he jump up to greet everyone? If your dog is still a puppy, it’s best to consider how your employer will react to frequent potty breaks, and all the attention he may need at the office.

On the other hand, if your dog is anxious or stressed, you may need to consult with a veterinarian to see whether a natural supplement like an  organic hemp-based CBD tincture for pets would be beneficial. Also keep in mind that your dog needs to be healthy and current on all vaccinations.

While it’s natural to want to take your dog to the workplace, care must be taken to ensure that your furry best friend is a good fit for the work environment. You’ll also need to consider the best dog supplies like dog beds, collars, leashes, interactive dog toys, treats, and more to keep your dog comfortable and mentally stimulated.

Dog ID collars together with water and feed bowls are also especially important for the workplace. Additionally, successful workplace environments with dogs means that you’ve made all the necessary arrangements by taking a few extra minutes to survey where your dog will be to uncover any possible hidden dangers like elevators and toxic plants or decorative palm trees like the Sago Palm.

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Claudia Bensimoun author of Bringing your dog to work day

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Claudia Bensimoun is a freelance journalist and author, and specializes in veterinary content, and eBooks. She's a long-time feature writer for Animal Wellness magazine, Fido Friendly magazine, and the United States Dog Agility Association. In addition, Bensimoun has written for numerous pet websites, magazines, newspapers and online publications. Her interests include wildlife conservation, animal welfare, disaster/ humanitarian relief, veterinary research, and veganism.

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