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Young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a flower in their hair

This magnificent little dog is a direct descendant of the Toy Spaniels that you have probably seen pictures of from the 16th-18th century.
Mr. Roswell Eldridge, an American dog breeder, who adored the little ToySpaniels came to the UK in the 1920s, and because he could only find a few options, at the annual Crufts show, he offered a price for the best male and female breeds he could find. This sparked much interest in the King Charles Spaniels. However, they did not receive the American Kennel Club recognition until 1996.

In 1903, four separate spaniel toy breeds were combined by the Kennel Club to be called the King Charles spaniel. King Charles II loved the breed and that’s where they got the name from. Moreover, these dogs were occasionally featured next to their royal owners in paintings by some of the greatest artists of the time, including Titian, Van Dyck, and Lely. Being irresistibly charming, King Charles II would not go anywhere without at least three of his spaniels running at his heels. Some even criticized the king for neglecting his kingdom in favor of looking after his beloved dogs! He was also known too as the Cavalier King so that name also comes into the spaniel's title, that of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

Can you believe that they were often brought into the beds of people with the aim of them attracting fleas instead of their owners, saving their owners from The Plague and other diseases?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy in a field of dandelions

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan gave his wife one of these gorgeous little dogs for Christmas. The dog was taught to turn on the Christmas lights with his paw! Rex, as he was called lived in the lap of luxury and when President Reagan left office, Rex was given a new doghouse shaped like the Whitehouse and also lined with a carpet from Camp David itself! Lauren Bacall, too, one of the last of the great actresses of the cinema's golden era, was an ardent dog lover and was partial to the cocker spaniel as well, of which she was such a proud owner.

No wonder Sir Edwin Landeer painted so many pictures of the Cavalier Spaniels. His painting of the dogs,The Cavalier’s Pets almost became a template of the head that many breeders want to create in the dog. See how many postcards, greeting cards, etc. have pictures of these dogs on this and many cavalier dog owners have a copy of this of The Cavalier’s Pets in their possession. 

Is this cutie meant for you?

Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel playing with a stick in the back yard
  • Well, they are happy to be country or city dogs. They have soft and gentle natures which actually makes them outstanding as therapy dogs. Remember ‘Sex and the City’? One of them was Charlotte York’s dog.
  • That long, silky coat can be found in exquisite colors such as solid ruby, part-colors Blenheim (which is white and ruby), black and tan, and the tricolor ones which is black, white, and tan. Their hair is slightly wavy. Look at its feet; they have long tufts of hair around them.
  • They are friendly to other dogs and also with strangers. How they love playing, chasing and sniffing when outdoors! They are always willing to please – to put it in a nutshell, they just make the perfect pets.
  • Even though this special dog might love playing and running around in the outdoors, they are not suited for outdoor living.
  • One of the most appealing things about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is their super high levels of intelligence. This makes them obedient and so easy to train. Remember though that if the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel does not get enough exercise, they can bark or whine, but this is to release tension.
  • They have an average life span of around 9-14 years.

Grooming is imperative

Sad looking Cavalier King Charles Spaniel chilling on a cozy brown couch
  • They need plenty of exercises too; loving their romps outside or a moderate walking pace if he is on a leash.
  • Teeth need to be brushed around 3-4 times a week. Be careful of sensitive teeth and gums when little pups are teething.
  • Their ears need cleaning every 2 weeks as well as their nails clipped.
  • Bathing should take place once a month.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to suffer from a few health problems.

These dogs can be known to suffer frompatellar luxation, entropion, or syringomyelia. Other common problems include mitral valve disease and canine hip dysplasia as well. Sometimes you might even seeretinal dysplasia in the breed. This doggie needs to have regular check-ups at the vet to ensure he is kept in peak health. Some pains can also be helped with the use of CBD for dogs which can be extremely helpful in a pinch. 

Sold out

What is the best diet I can give for my precious canine friend?

Of course, you will want to give your dog the best foods possible so that this loving companion will be with fit, right? An adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel needs around 500-550 calories a day to maintain his target weight of about 15 lbs. This applies to both males as females, as there is not much difference in their sizes. 

Bear in mind older dogs that have been neutered or spayed require fewer calories to keep their target weight whilst the very active dog who gets plenty of exercise will require more calories. Nevertheless, it is important to follow the feeding instructions on the packet of foods you give your dog. 

Don’t overfeed, particularly wrong foods, because the small frames of smaller dogs are not designed to carry additional weight which can definitely shorten their lifespan and also cause joint problems

Not just any dog

Young puppy looking up at the camera on a wood floor

Cavaliers get along with everybody – other pets, kids, and their owners. You just need to be careful that they are not accidentally hurt as a puppy or they may have fear towards the cause no matter what that might be. They just long to be a close companion and friend and that means, they might need another dog with them as companion and friend when you can’t be around. 

The nickname of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is actually "The Comforter Spaniel" and this pretty much sums him up. They will want to sleep in your bed which is so wonderful for bonding. The Cavalier is gentle, sweet, friendly, trusting, energetic, playful, and dignified. They love everyone they meet and their soft, warm eyes look at you as if they understand your every mood.

Have you got on empty space in your heart that needs filling? Try the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; they will become your baby in no time!

The average life expectancy of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is 9-14 years. According to studies, the life of a cavalier dog depends on its mass. For example, large dogs of this breed live less than cavaliers with less mass. Small dogs can live up to 15 years.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very friendly and playful. They are also very faithful, which makes them a good breed for families with children. Cavaliers are also friendly with other dogs. In general, this breed is not aggressive. They are smart and easily trained.

King Charles Spaniel dogs are easy to train. They are very helpful and try to show their devotion to their master. Up to three months of age, the dog should be accustomed to his name. It is also worth accustoming them to bed time and to going on walks.

These dogs are very friendly and under most conditions, they won't bite. But even the friendliest dog, when afraid, can bite.

They are very small dogs. The average height is 12-13 inches tall. Their no0rmal weight is around 13-18 pounds.

Most King Charles Spaniels are docile and balanced. They don't bark much since a characteristic of their breed is obedience.

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