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All the benefits of CBD oil for dogs from a veterinarian

Young terrier at the vet for a check up

With CBD products being a very popular topic right now, do you know all the benefits that CDB oils do for dogs? There are many added benefits of giving your dog CBD products daily. With these added benefits, no wonder that CBD has become a very popular supplement among pet owners. This article will touch on all the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

How does CBD Oil affect dogs?

CBD oil does not contain THC. This is the component of marijuana that is known for the psychoactive or “high” feeling that people experience. Dogs do not get high off of CBD oils since they do not contain THC. Your dog should start to feel much better after giving them CBD oils. It has been shown to improve a dog's overall wellbeing and quality of life.

What are the benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs?

Old White dog getting its paw looked at by a vet

There are many benefits of giving your dog CBD oils. They are used to help treat and prevent many diseases and help improve the overall quality of life of your pet.

Reduce anxiety

CBD oils have been shown to help decrease anxiety. If you have a dog that gets anxious from car rides, thunderstorms, or fireworks, CBD oil is a great supplement to give them before these events. Some dogs have anxiety every day and can take CBD oil every day to help decrease their stress.

Treat seizures

For a dog who has uncontrollable seizures, CDB oil may help stop the seizures. CBD oils can be used along with traditional medication in severe cases or on their own in mild cases. Consult with your veterinarian on the best treatment for your dog who has seizures.

Reduce nausea

If your dog is nauseated because they just had surgery, undergoing chemotherapy, or ate something that they should not have, CBD oil may be able to help. CBD oils have been shown to help decrease nausea and help your dog back to their normal healthy and happy life.

Reduce stress

Young happy pug running through a field of flowers

CBD oil can also help reduce stress in your dog. Some dogs get stressed when their owner leaves for the day or when they have to stay overnight somewhere other than home. Giving your pet CBD oil in these cases will help your pet be less stressed.

Treat back pain

Dogs, just like people, can experience back pain. Dachshunds are known to get back problems very easily due to their longer than normal back. If your dog is suffering from back pain, CBD oil is a great supplement to give them to help decrease the pain and inflammation.

Treat gastrointestinal issues

CBD oils have been shown to help treat digestive problems. If your dog is vomiting or having diarrhea, CBD oil may help them feel much better. If your dog does not improve after a day or seems to be getting worse, it may be best to seek veterinary care for your pet.

Reduce inflammation in joints

Yellow lab sitting in a tub with a soapy head

Studies show that CBD oils can help decrease pain and inflammation in the joint. If your dog is suffering from arthritis or has other problems with their joints, CBD oils are great supplements that you can give to your dog. Dogs with arthritis can have CBD oil every day to help with the pain.

Increased appetite

For a dog who is not wanting to eat due to some underlying condition, you may want to try CBD oil. It has been shown that CBD oils will help increase the appetite for pets. This may be just what your dog needs to help get their appetite back after battling an illness

Possible side effects of CBD oil use

Australian shepherd laying on the wood floor of a hallway

Just like with anything CBD does have a few side effects. These side effects are very minimal, and it is usually more beneficial to give the CBD oils to your dog than what the side effects cause.

Drug interaction

Some CBD oils can interact with other medications that your pet may be taking. It is best to talk with your veterinarian about the use of CBD oil in your pet before starting them on any new supplement.


Some medications can make your dog sleepy. If you notice that your pet is more sleepy after taking their CBD oil decrease the dosage just a little until they are back to their usual happy selves.

Increase liver values

Like most other pain medication, CBD oil has been shown to increase liver values slightly. The side effects of increased liver values do not out way the advantage of using the CBD oils in your pet.

No official studies were done on the risks of use

weimaraner running on a forest path in the fall with a stick in its mouth

There are no official studies done on the risk of long-term use of CBD oils. However, many people have been giving CBD oils to their pets on a daily bases with very minimal problems.

How to choose a CBD oil for dogs

With there now being so many different companies producing CBD products, how do you choose? Make sure that what is supposed to be in the product is actually what you are getting.


CBD oil should be natural and not contain any other added preservatives. This helps makes sure that your pet is not getting anything that is not good for them.

High quality and purity (price equals quality)

Make sure that the product that you get comes from high quality and is pure. There are 3rd parties that can test the CBD products for a company that shows precisely what is in the product that you receive. Usually, a high price equals high quality. The old saying you get what you pay for holds true with CBD products.

Reputable source

Make sure that the source that you are getting your CBD oils from is reliable. You can read online reviews of the company and make sure that they are delivering to customers what they are paying for.

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With all the excellent benefits that your pet can get from CBD oils, no wonder that many people are reaching for this fantastic supplement. When giving your pet, CBD products make sure to first consult with your veterinarian to make sure that CBD will not interfere with any other medications that your pet is already taking.

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Bennefits of CBD oil By Sara Ochoa

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM
Since she was a little girl, she knew that her dream was to become a veterinarian. With a tremendous passion and love for animals that makes her a great source of knowledge for others. She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the Schnoodle, and Bam-Bam the bunny.

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