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5 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Week

SitStay Blog: 5 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Week

National Dog Week is the first full week of May. It's about celebrating your four-legged friend. It's also about appreciating heroes, like rescue dogs, and informing people about proper pet care. Here are the top five ways to celebrate dog week.

1. Go For a Walk

Dogs love going for a walk. It's also good for their physical and mental health. Step things up for dog week and take them on a hike, so the two of you can have a change of scenery. Be sure to pack a durable leash and some water!

2. Get a Coffee

Take your dog to Starbucks with you and order them a puppachino. A puppachino sounds fancy, but it's just a cup of whip cream. It's considered safe for dogs to have as a treat, as long as it's not an everyday thing. According to Starbucks, a puppachino isn't an official menu item. However, you do have the ability to order extra whip cream for your beverage in a separate cup. The cost of a puppachino will vary by store, with some stores offering it for free during dog week.

 3. Buy Them a Gift

Show your dog how much you love them by buying them a gift. Food puzzle toys make excellent gifts. Your dog will have to solve the puzzle to get the food, which can keep them entertained for quite awhile. Toys and bones make good gifts as well, and they are sure to make your dog happy.

4. Throw a Party

Celebrate Dog Week with a party for your dog and it's friends. Send out dog themed invitation to your friends with dogs. Have plenty of toys for them to play with, and set up a few game stations like ball throwing and tug of war. You can also make dog treats and cakes for your party. 

5. Give to Charity

Show your love for dogs around the world by giving to a pet charity. You can give to your local shelter, or an organization like the ASPCA. You can really get into the spirit of Dog Week by holding a fundraiser for your favorite dog charity.

Dog week only comes once a year, but you can celebrate your furry best friend all year long. Be sure to take time out for them, and appreciate all of the ways they enrich your life. 

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