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Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Oil For Dogs

SitStay Blog Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Oil

Many people have heard the wonders of coconut oil and the benefits your dog can receive from using it. If you haven't, check out our Ultimate Guide To Coconut Oil Blog to read about the amazing things coconut oil can do for your dog! Some people still have questions and we want to help answer them for you. 

We always recommend speaking to your veterinarian before adding any new supplements to your dog’s diet.

Can you give coconut oil and salmon oil to your dog at the same time?

After speaking with your vet you will want to keep in mind the overall total of oil you will be giving to your dog as too much can lead to greasy stools or diarrhea. This means you will likely be giving less coconut oil and less salmon oil than a regular dosing because they will be getting the remaining amount from the second oil. You’ll also only want to give them one oil per meal, for example, using the salmon oil in the morning and the coconut oil in the evening.

How long does it take for a dog to adjust to having coconut oil?

This varies from dog to dog as some can handle the oil quicker than others. What has worked personally with our dogs is starting with the beginning amount (1/4 teaspoon for small dogs and puppies, and 1 teaspoon for large dogs) and every couple of days increase by a half. For example with Danté, a 50-pound border collie, we started with 1 teaspoon and fed him that amount every day for day one and two, and on day three we increased it to 1.5 teaspoons. Continuing with this amount until day six when we gave him 2 teaspoons and so on until we reached 1.5 tablespoons for his recommended amount.

SitStay How Much Coconut Oil Infograph

 Always keep an eye out to make sure that their stools do not turn runny. If they do, lessen the amount back to before they were runny and lengthen a number of days between upping the amount of coconut oil.

Can I use any store-bought brand of coconut oil?

This is an excellent question. We cannot speak to all coconut oil, only the product we carry ourselves because we know that it is pure organic because we know where it comes from and the process used to package it. The Natural Doggie coconut oil we carry in our store is cold-pressed which tends to be different from what you will find at your local grocer. This helps to keep a larger potency towards the benefits, which leads to better results. As we are unfamiliar with other coconut oils, we would recommend taking it to your vet and asking them if they see any reason that it could be harmful to your dog.

 Can coconut oil be given to my dog on an empty stomach?

Without knowing your dog and how well they react to supplements in their diet, this is a great question for your vet. Our recommendation is to not give them coconut oil on an empty stomach but with their food. This will help to avoid them having a negative reaction to a new supplement in their diet.

Will treats with coconut oil give me the same benefits?

We love coconut oil treats and carry a collection of them. While you may notice some of the benefits, pure coconut oil is going to carry a much bigger impact than in treat form.

Coconut oil has many benefits for your dog and it is always best to speak with your veterinarian prior to adding a new supplement to their diet. We hope this article helped you answer your questions! 

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