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DIY Dog Boredom Buster

French Bulldog who had just destroyed the house looking guilty

Dogs can get bored just as easily as humans do. A dog ripping up its home with destructive playing might seem like it is having a lot of fun. This isn’t always the case though, it is often a sign of a bored dog.

Dogs need stimulation and entertainment just as much as people do. Without enough to occupy themselves with, dogs can get bored, and a bored dog will misbehave. If you notice your dog is bored you should try out some boredom busters to keep them entertained.

Why Do Dogs Get Bored?

Largely, dogs get bored for the same reason as humans; they don’t have enough to think about. Humans aren’t exclusive in their ability to lose interest, it  happens to a few animals. Working and wild dogs had a purpose and a sense of meaning. They would occupy their time with finding food. Living with humans, they’re fed from a bowl! No matter how much we love our dogs, we can’t entertain them for every waking moment.

Dogs get bored and listless just because they have excess energy and little to do with it.

Signs my Dog is Bored

Chihuahua laying on a comfy white blanket

If you’re worried that your dog might be bored, then there are some tell-tale signs to watch out for:

  • Chewing things or themselves 
  • Destructive behavior
  • Unexplainable barking 
  • Depressive behavior
  • Lack of interest.

How Can I stop my Dog’s Boredom?

Terrier chewing at their owners jean pocket

If your dog is acting bored, then it is easily remedied. These dog boredom busters will give your dog some much-needed stimulation.

Change Up Your Exercise Routine

The same old walk every day can get boring for everyone. Try taking a different route to give your dog some new experiences. You could even try taking them out at different times of the day. When on the walk, try out new ways to exercise, like playing fetch or having a swim. This will give your dog plenty of new stimulation to keep them entertained.

Check-in With Your Dog Virtually

If your dog has to spend time at home alone, there are a few high tech solutions you can use to keep them entertained throughout the day. You can use a webcam set-up to check in on your dog using a virtual tool. This lets your dog see and hear you. While it isn’t as fun as an actual visit, your dog should recognize your voice and this will provide some stimulation when home alone.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek can be a really fun game for a dog. It gives them stimulation and also allows you to reinforce some of their training. Have your dog assume the sit or stay position, show them a treat they’d like, and then hide it out of view. Then give your dog the command to go and find their treat. They’ll enjoy the hunt and tracing the smell. You can also play hide and seek with you as the target! Hiding and calling your dog to find you.

This way of giving your dog a treat is much more fun, it should brighten up a dull day.

Mental Exercises

Dachshund smiling in the yard after playing

Not all toys have to just be balls to chase. There are now pet toys for dogs that exercise their minds as much as their jaws! These games provide a little extra stimulation for a bored dog. They might even help yourdog become smarter. You can give your dog puzzles to knock around before they get a treat and even memory games that rely on your dog remembering which button to press.

Introduce Your Dog to Other Dogs

Sometimes nothing is more exciting to a dog than spending some time with another dog. These sorts of occasions let your dog burn off a lot of excess energy and meet someone new. Between the fun of playing and all the new smells they discover, this is a great way to give your dog a bit of excitement. Consider arranging a play date for your pet next time that they’re bored.

Dog Bones / Chew Toys

Dog bones and chew toys are a simple way to relieve boredom, but they usually work. Chewing on something might not seem like the most stimulating thing to be doing. Yet, to a dog, it can be great fun! There are healthy chews available too. Helpful if you're concerned about your dog having too much junk food.

What Behaviours Could Be Mistaken for Boredom?

Scared poodle who has torn up the toilet paper

The signs for a bored dog aren’t all that specific, quite a lot of this behavior could be a sign of something else. While dogs do get bored, you should keep in mind that sometimes the symptoms aren’t boredom but something a bit worse. Boredom busters are a lot of fun, but they won’t help a dog with a different issue.


Anxiety, both separation and general, is often confused with boredom. An anxious dog will also engage in destructive behavior and excessive barking. A stimulated dog that is still resorting to this type of behavior might be anxious and not bored. With anxiety, this is often worst when they’re home alone.


A disinterested and disengaged dog can appear bored but might be in pain. Dogs aren’t the best at letting their owners know that they’re in pain. Keep an eye out for signs that your pet might need some other help, a walk is no way to fix a painful foot.

How Can I Help These Issues?

Australian shepherd playing with a toy in tall grass

If your dog is suffering from one of these problems, then a different walking route isn’t quite going to cut it. You need to get your dog some help that deals with their problems rather than trying to give them more fun things to do.

Vet Visit

A vet visit should be your first option if you think your dog is in serious pain. If their depressed and disinterested behavior is the result of pain and not boredom, then the best thing you can do is visit your vet. They should be able toidentify what exactly is wrong with your dog and what treatment would be best for them.


CBD oil is a  great tool for helping dogs that are suffering from anxiety or even in pain. This oil helps your dog to relax. This will be helpful when you're out of the house. CBD oil will curb behaviors like destroying things and excessive barking.

Natural Doggie Hemp CBD Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

Natural Doggie Hemp CBD Infused Virgin Coconut Oil


Anxiety blanket

An Anxiety Blanket is a weighted blanket that many people have had good results with as a tool for combatting anxiety. They’ve recently exploded in popularity and their effects have reached dogs too. These weighted blankets work like thunder shirts but are more multi-purpose. These blankets are a great way to calm an anxious dog.

Soothe anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket by BuddyRest

Soothe anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket by BuddyRest

From $59.99

What to Do About Your Dog’s Boredom?

Dog boredom isn’t always the issue with your pet. If your dog is anxious or in pain, then a different treatment is needed. However, if it is just a lack of stimulation then they need some more fun. Your dog might have gotten a little bored with their everyday routine. In this case, try out some of these boredom busters to bring a little excitement back into your dog’s life!

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