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Dog Seizures: everything you need to know

dog seizures

A seizure can be a terrifying thing for everyone involved and is a sign that clearly something is wrong. When our furry friends have seizures we can feel helpless and unsure what to do next. In this article I will cover everything you need to know about dog seizures. From learning the causes to what to do after you will be more prepared if your pet ever needs your help.

Dog seizures causes

dog seizures

There are a few different categories of things that could reveal why your dog may be experiencing a seizure. These can sometimes be easily avoided but in some cases it is harder than that and you may need additional help for treatments.

Their environment

One of the more common reasons for a seizure to occur is the environment the dog is surrounded by. Both in our homes and outside while they are playing there are plenty of harmful substances that may be introduced to the dog causing the side effect of a seizure.

Some of the things you may want to be aware of are house cleaners, rodent poisons, lawn chemical agents, poisonous flowers/ mushrooms, and toxic foods for dogs. It can be hard to make sure all of these are out of our dogs life at any given time but it is important to monitor your dog as to prevent them from potentially harming themselves.

Some other things that could trigger a seizure but are less common include lightning, loud music, smoke from a cigarette or cigar, medicines, anxiety, and scents from candles or perfumes. Though these are less common it is still a concern to be aware of if you know your dog may experience dog seizures.

dog seizures

Genetics and health

There are certain issues that can arise in a dogs life including strokes, cancer, and other serious illnesses that can be known to cause dog seizures. Along with this there are certain breeds of dogs that can be more prone to dog seizures caused by old age. These can be harder to completely eliminate from your dog’s life but there are ways to help still that can make your dog's quality of life so much better.

Dog Seizures

dog seizures

There are parts to dog seizures that can help us know how to help better than if it is unexpected. Dogs can often sense their own seizures anywhere from seconds to hours beforehand. In this stage they will act fearful most likely and will appear to be acting differently from normal.

While they are experiencing dog seizures it can be a scary time including behaviors like shaking and foaming of the mouth. It is important to avoid their mouth area as they could have an uncontrollable bite the gets you. These episodes normally last fewer than five minutes and is can be concerning if they last longer or happen immediately in repetition. If they last long your dog may need to be cooled down by dampening their paws with cool water. Other than this there is not much you can do for your furry friend at this moment.

After the seizure it is important to check up with your veterinarian and go over your dogs history and daily habits to help them find out the cause. This may require blood tests or other ways of looking for a cause but it can be incredibly helpful to know the reasoning. This may also lead to further treatments and possibly medicines to help.

Alternative treatment

dog seizures

Though we still highly recommend you seek out help from your veterinarian immediately there are certain things you can do to lessen the severity, amount, or both of dog seizures in your furry friend.

CBD is a newer substance that is causing miracles to happen in our everyday lives. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from the hemp plant that is non psychoactive, contains less that .03% of THC, and has loads of beneficial properties. This all means that it is great for dog use.

CBD works with our bodies endocannabinoid system that is connected to the brain, spine, and other important parts that are associated with dog seizures. Though testing is still being done there are some scientific provings that CBD helps reduce seizures as well as a ton of users backing its success.

CBD is also known to help reduce anxiety, pain, and even bad cancer cell growth in dogs. Check out our ultimate guide to CBD for more information.

natural doggie cbd infused coconut oil

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Seizures are a scary thing to deal with and sometimes it can be hard to know why they are happening. I hope this information has helped in any way and would love to hear more in the comments about stories or additional information. Also feel free to share as this could help someone figure out what to do next if they are facing dog seizures in their life.

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dog seizures

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