Help your Local Shelter with these fun Craft Projects

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Help your Local Shelter with these fun Craft Projects
Kendall Abbott author of Help your Local Shelter with these fun Craft Projects

July 21st marks the fourth annual “National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day.” If you love dogs and crafting, now’s the time to get creative and make some much-needed items for our furry, four-legged friends spending time in a shelter this summer.

Most shelters struggle to make ends meet and can only provide their dogs with basic food and shelter. By using a little free time and some inexpensive materials around your house, you can make life a little happier for dogs waiting for their forever home. Gather some friends and try your hand at making these simple crafts. Your local shelter will thank you.

Fleece Blankets

Blankets are always in demand to give dogs a soft retreat from the concrete floor. Cut two pieces of fleece to the same dimensions. Create a fringe around the perimeter of the fabric by cutting two-inch wide strips at least three inches toward the center of the fabric. Place the two sides together and finish by tying the fringe pieces into knots. So easy and no sewing is needed!

Plastic Water Bottle Chew Toy

All dogs love to chew toys, especially when they make an irresistible crinkling sound. Make this easy toy by gathering an empty water bottle with a cap, one yard of fabric and a pair of scissors. Begin by cutting three or four strips (about an inch wide) off of one edge of the fabric to use later as ties. Place the bottom of the bottle three inches from the edge of the fabric and begin rolling it around the bottle. Tuck under any excess fabric as you roll. Use the ties you previously cut to secure the fabric to the bottle. Tie a secure knot every couple of inches up the bottle. Use one of the ties right below the cap. Cut nine strips in the excess fabric above the cap. Finish by braiding the strips in groups of three.

“Adopt Me” Bandanas

Shelters love bandanas but don’t often have the budget for them. Whip up a batch of these cute accessories that help get dogs noticed and ultimately adopted. Cut squares of fabric at least 17 inches by 17 inches. Increase the size for larger dogs. Sew a half-inch hem around the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying. Use your imagination to decorate the bandanas with “Adopt Me” by using fabric paint, craft glue, and glitter, or embroidery.

With all craft projects, make sure that all the products you are using are safe if an animal ingests them. 

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