21 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil for Dogs

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21 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Dogs SitStay
Kendall Abbott author of 21 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil for Dogs

The benefits of coconut oil for dogs range from improving skin and coat to aiding digestion. We compiled some of our favorite ideas for how to incorporate coconut oil into your dog's routine to stay healthy.

1. Hide medicine in homemade pill pockets.

A bonus to DIY pill pockets? You can make them as big or as small as you need them. Freeze the extra pockets to use later.

Source: The Greenbacks Gal

2. Chill out with "coconut cubes" in the summer heat.

Mix peanut butter with coconut oil, then freeze the mixture in ice cube trays for a convenient way to cool off.

Source: Everyday Roots

3. Soothe wounds by applying coconut oil topically.

Coconut oil's antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties can help your dog with injuries. Of course, always consult your veterinarian first!

Source: Dr. Axe

4. Long hair, don't care? Mix up a DIY detangling spray to work out those furry knots.

Combine mint water, coconut oil, glycerin and lemon for a detangling spray.

Source: BarkPost

5. Dab on fly bites to sooth the itch.

Use your fingertips to apply coconut oil directly to the bit. A dab'll do ya!

Source: Everyday Roots

6. Give ear mites the boot using coconut oil.

As an alternative to mineral or vegetable oil. adding a drop or two of coconut oil to your dog's ears will keep them so fresh and so clean. Coconut oil smothers ear mites and has natural antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Source: Coconut Oil Tips

7. Need a treat for sensitive tummies? Bake egg-free, grain-free cookies combining pear, coconut oil, coconut flour and honey.

Dogs on limited ingredient diets don't have to miss out on treat time! This recipe looks good enough to eat!

Source: K9 Instinct

8. Make a low-fat treat with chia seeds and sweet potato that is great for senior dogs and sensitive tummies.

These treats are a great way to add important nutrients without loading up on fat.

Source: Animal Wellness Magazine

9. Rub coconut oil into your dog's dry cracked paws.

Pupster's paw pads can be calloused and tough. Add coconut oil to soften them up - but don't overdo it! Paws shouldn't be as smooth as human skin.

Source: Everyday Roots

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10. Dehydrate apple and banana for super simple doggie treats.

Slice some dog-friendly fruit (NO grapes!) and sprinkle it with coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon, then dehydrate them until chewy. Sweet potatoes are also a great option for healthy, easy dog treats.

Source: Keep The Tail Wagging

11. Whip up some breath-freshening cookies.

A little parsley and mint added to gluten free flour, coconut oil, and an egg make this an easy, natural way to tone down doggie breath. 

Source: I Heart Dogs

12. Feed Fido coconut "chips" made from the meat of the coconut.

We love CocoTherapy Organic Coconut Chips for a simple and convenient option.

Source: Coconut Oil Tips

13. Use a cotton ball followed by coconut oil to clean his ears.

Start by wiping away dirt or buildup on the outer part of doggie's ears. Don't dig down further down the ear canal. Then follow up with a bit of coconut oil to keep ears itch-free and healthy. 

Source: Everyday Roots

14. Mix coconut oil with honey and rolled oats to create a homemade dog conditioner.

DIY softer, silkier hair? Don't mind if we do. 

Source: BarkPost

15. Treat doggie dandruff by rehydrating her skin with coconut oil.

Factors like age, humidity, diet and grooming can cause pupster's skin to become dry and flaky. Apply a small amount to your palms and run your hands along dry patches or along the full length of your dog. 

Source: DIY Maniacs

16. Relieve dried out doggie noses.

Low humidity or excessive licking got you down? Dab a dot of coconut oil to sooth a cracked, dry nose.

Source: Everyday Roots

17. Often liquid at warmer room temperatures, try refrigerating or freezing coconut oil "dots" for a cool, tasty treat.

Freeze treat dots in ice cube trays or on wax paper. Remember recommended serving sizes and to start with small amounts while working up to full portions of coconut oil.

Source: Coconut Oil Tips

18. Mix with oregano for a DIY hot spot remedy.

Combine one drop of oil of oregano with one teaspoon of coconut oil for a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal rub.

Source: Food Ink

19. Are your dog's paws red from chewing? Treat allergies and itchiness from the inside out. 

Coconut oil's natural healing properties can tame seasonal allergies that might be irritating your dog.

Source: Everyday Roots

20. Pumpkin + coconut oil = healthy, dog treats your dogs will love!

Canned pumpkin (careful, not the pie mixture) has great benefits for your pup's digestive system. Add coconut oil and cinnamon and you've got some tasty and great smelling, healthy treats!

Source: B. Britnell

21. Keep those pearly whites looking pretty with DIY doggie toothpaste.

Your pup will love the taste of this easy toothpaste. If (or should we say 'when') your dog swallows some of the toothpaste, you don't need to worry!

Source: Coconut Oil Tips

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Coconut Oil for Dogs to learn about the many benefits of adding this natural ingredient to your pupster's diet.

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