Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs - 2022 Edition

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Holiday gift guide for dogs - 2020 edition
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The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all rushing around trying to make sure that we have the perfect gift for everyone. There’s one family member who shouldn’t be left out of the festivities just because they have four legs and not two! Here is a holiday gift guide for your pooch this holiday season!

 Reasons To Get Your Dog A Gift

There are so many reasons why you should get your dog a gift:

  •  Because he’s a Good Dog!
  • When you give one of the people in your life a gift, it shows that you love, care and appreciate them. You recognize that they’re important to you. Give your loyal pup a gift for the same reason.
  • The holiday season is a great excuse to give your dog something you’ve been meaning to get for some time anyway. Your senior dog might benefit from a set of steps to help him get up and down from the couch. The holiday season is just the excuse you need to add a little more comfort to his life!
  • Giving your pup a gift to ‘open’ on Christmas morning will make him feel very included, and part of the family.
  • Another good reason to give your dog a gift is that you could gift him something that would keep him occupied while you open your own gifts, start cooking, or chill out with your family and friends.

Holiday Gift Guide

Ugly Sweater

Everyone loves a good ugly holiday sweater, so why should your furry friend be any different? Giving a sweater is a cute gift in itself but there are other benefits to this gift. Dogs with short hair, or coats without the extra insulation can get some extra warmth from a sweater. Plus there’s nothing cuter than seeing your buddy dressed in an adorable sweater with reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, or go all out and find one that lights up!

Many owners of senior dogs can find that their canine friend feels cold more in their old age. A doggy sweater can help keep ole Fido warm, and comfortable.

New Dog Bed

The holiday season is a great reason to replace your dog’s bed with a brand new and improved version. This is another great gift for senior dogs, as you can get an orthopedic bed that will support their joints, and give comfort. You should consider a bed with memory foam which will offer a more supportive sleeping space.

Another thing to look for in a new dog bed is a gel-cooling layer. This wsill help your dog keep a regulated temperature and prevent him from overheating, or becoming too cold.

You could also consider a special new bed. Have it personalized with his name, or look for an unusual shape. You could try a teepee shaped bed, which can give anxious or shy pups a little more comfort.

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Collar/Harness And Leash

A new collar and leash, or a harness and leash are always a good present for your best bud. It’s a good way to replace ones that are looking a little worse for wear or to just add variety to your existing collection. You could even choose a new collar, or accessory with a matching scarf for you to wear - it will help you beat the cold, and you’ll give all the other owners in the dog park serious holiday envy!

 Personal taste plays a big part in choosing a new collar, leash, and harness. However, your dog’s taste should be part of the decision as well. If your dog has collar or harness preferences, use those to make your decision. 

Toys And Training Equipment

A yellow golden retriever wearing a santa hat with a white christmas tree in the background

Pets need toys and they need training. High energy and highly intelligent dogs can become bored easily, which can lead to destructive behavior. Toys and training are fantastic ways to divert that energy.

Choose toys for your dog based on how he likes to play. Some pups like chasing and catching toys, others like chewing toys. Puzzle toys are also a really good idea, especially for pets that like treats. They’ll need to figure out how to get the treat from the toy, which makes them have to use their senses and intelligence.

High energy dogs can also benefit from a travel jump set. Agility training gives your dog an outlet for their energy, but it also needs obedience training. A travel jump set can be easily put together, easily stored, and give hours of fun!


Treats are always a great gift for your pooch. Tried and tested favorites will be very welcome, but the festive season is a great time to try new flavors, types, and brands. You need to check with your vet before you try out new foods with your dog. Some brands may have additives or flavorings that could cause your dog to have a reaction, so always check that the treat is safe for your dog to have before introducing anything new to his diet.

 CBD Oil

CBD oil has taken the health world by storm because of the many benefits it offers. It’s also great for dogs. It can relieve some of the symptoms of joint pain in dogs, and it can help dogs that suffer from stress and anxiety as well.

You can try CBD in a variety of ways, from diffusers to sprays, to treats, to simply as an oil that you add to his regular dog food. Always talk to your vet before adding anything to your dog’s diet, and follow the manufacturers instructions on how much to give your dog according to his type and weight.

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Grooming Products

Grooming products are another great canine gift, and it’s a good way to try out new products. If you’ve never used a grooming glove before, maybe now is the time to buy one. If you always use the same scent of dog shampoo, try a new aroma. Perhaps you want to try clipping your dog yourself - this is the perfect opportunity to buy a complete grooming set. 

If you want to give your pooch something a little more festive, look for luxury grooming products, or products you’ve never thought to use. Maybe a dog-friendly massage oil or a moisturizing paw butter would be perfect for your dog to find in his stocking. This can also give you some incredible bonding time.

Make The Holiday Season Safe

Your fur-kid will love whichever gift you choose for him. However, always make sure that the holiday season is safe for your dog. Keep plants high up where he can’t chew on them, discard wrapping paper, and talk to your vet before giving him any seasonal extras. Most of all, enjoy spending time with him!

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