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Hypoallergenic Dogs: 12 Dog Breeds that Don't Shed

Hypoallergenic dog the bichon frise

What are hypoallergenic dogs?

Do you want a dog, but have an allergic reaction every time you’re near one? Turns out you aren’t alone! The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology estimates that around 10% of the American population deals with a dog allergy. A dog’s fur produces dander when it sheds, which is the cause of most pet allergies. No pup is completely allergy-free, as many allergens come from a dog’s skin or saliva, but there are many different breeds that do not shed and will be much easier on you. Finding a pet that is just right for you and your allergies is not difficult, but you need to know what breeds to look for.

Top 12 hypoallergenic dog breeds

Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise

These plushy puppers will stand around a foot tall when fully grown. They’re one of the friendliest dogs around and will get along great with any other pups you have in the house. Their white, fluffy coat is soft and goes well with their cuddly personality, making them wonderful housepets.


These dogs are easy on the allergies because of the fact that they don’t have fur, but hair! This fascinating difference makes for a great pet if you’re allergic to dogs. Easily trained and highly athletic, these pups are one of the most popular breeds in the country. They make wonderful show dogs for competitive dog lovers, and they are loving as well as clever.

Afghan Hound:

Hypoallergenic Afghan Hound

Another one of the most popular show dogs, these playful pets are very loyal and sweet to their humans. Their independent streak can make them hard to train, but the effort is rewarded with a loving pupper that is great with kids and other dogs. Locks of long, flowing fur can be a challenge to groom, but those willing to take up the challenge will find a capable and loving pet.

Yorkshire Terrier:

These pint-sized pups have hair instead of fur, just like the poodle. Toy-sized, lightweight, and bright with personality, these pets are a favorite of urban dog lovers. Their tiny size shouldn’t fool you, though. They’re feisty and brave little pets that make fantastic watchdogs. This is another dog that makes a sweet and loving, though occasionally challenging, pup.


Schnauzer in a blue harness

Schnauzers are a dog breed that sheds very little, making them easy on their sniffly humans. These dogs are smart and enthusiastic, protective of their family and fun to play with. Like the Afghan Hound, they make very loyal pets and with firm training can be perfect for your household.

Wheaten Terrier:

Supremely friendly and sporting a soft, low-shedding coat, the Wheaten Terrier is a pupper for those that want a happy and devoted pupper. These Irish dogs are devoted, but stubborn. Their fur is ideal for those with dog allergies, but if you don’t tend to it regularly they tend to get matted.


Maltese in a bike basket

One of the oldest breeds known to dog lovers, these fluffy puppies do not shed at all! Ideal for the allergic, these loyal watchdogs are assertive and friendly in the most adorable way. Athletic, long-lived, and loving, these puppers make wonderful pets for anyone that is looking for a toy-sized pet.

Portuguese Water Dog:

Allergic dog lovers that are looking for a low-shedding pet that is also easy to train should definitely check out the Portuguese Water Dog. Their tight, soft curls don’t leave much fur on the floor and their winning personalities make them delightfully simple to live with. They’re helpful and playful with their humans and are generally known as happy-go-lucky little pups.

Irish Water Spaniel:

Irish Water Spaniel

These perky pets would be a wonderful companion to poolside dog lovers. Their curly, waterproof coat sheds minimally and their superior swimming skills make them an absolute blast to play with! Affectionate, bold, and inquisitive, the Irish Water Spaniel is a perfect pup for families.


Sweet, easy-going, and cuddly, the Bolognese is a great lap-dog for anyone allergic to puppers. They’re among the group of pups that shed very little. Considered a precious gift in ancient Rome, these adorable balls of fluff continue to make their humans happy to this day. While initially shy, they develop a powerful bond and remain loyal for life. Take care, though, as they’re prone to separation anxiety and do not do well if left alone for long periods of time.




Coton De Tulear:

Coton De Tulear Hypoallergenic Dog

These pups are absolutely fluffy! Known for forming strong bonds with their person, they are wonderful companions that bring light into their humans’ lives. Their soft, cotton-like fur is soft to the touch and delightful to pet. Rumored to have grown out of a shipwreck of the coast of Madagascar, their adventurous past has not deterred them from being playful and entertaining companions!

Bedlington Terrier:

One of the few dogs that don’t shed, these loving puppers are wonderful for dog lovers with allergies! Their woolly, mop-like coats are soft and curly. Highly active and playful, these are great pups for families that like to spend a lot of time outdoors. They’re smart, loyal watchdogs that are great for running around your backyard or lounging on your couch as you watch Netflix.

What about mixed-breed dogs?

Hypoallergenic Golden-doodle

While mixed-breed “designer dogs” can be good due to a hypoallergenic parent, you have to be careful! While it can help to have a parent that is easy on the allergies, this is no guarantee that the puppy you pick will be hypoallergenic. The traits that transfer are not consistent and sneeze-prone dog lovers will always be rolling the dice with cross-breed dogs. Genetic traits in dogs are passed down the same as in their humans, with everything being hard to predict and inconsistent. If you’re allergic to dogs, a pure-bred companion would be a better bet for you.

Are hypoallergenic dogs completely allergen-free?

When asking whether or not you can be completely free of your dog allergen with the right pupper, you should know that the answer is no. As mentioned, dog allergens can be tied to dander and a low-shedding pet will help. This doesn’t prevent all problems, though, as allergens can also come from proteins in your pup’s skin or saliva. It’s important to know what you’re allergic to when looking for a furry friend.

Your allergies don’t have to deter you from getting a dog! Puppy pals make wonderful companions and knowing what breeds to look for can assure you, like so many lucky people, can have a playful pupper in your life.

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