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The Pug: What you need to know as an owner

Pug Laying On A Dog Bed In The Afternoon

A lot of the dog breeds over time have been bred for certain things; to perform certain duties in the line of work, but not the pug. This cheerful, affectionate, and playful small dog, even though it is amongst some of the oldest dog breeds, still has just the one job to perform and that is to be a companion and keep us company – they are experts at that.

Where does this cutie pie come from?

Did you know that the gorgeous, popular Pug dogs originally came from China? The Chinese emperors loved them, considering them as great companions for a family. It was for this very reason that the pug was bred to royal standards and they lived in luxury at the same time. Queen Victoria of England loved the pugs so much, she bred her own dogs, passing this passion down to her grandson, King George V and also to her great-grandson, King Edward VIII. In Italy, pugs were seen riding on the private carriages, dressed in jackets like the coachmen. In the 19th century, the pugs were introduced to the USA and in 1885, the breed was accredited by the American Kennel Club. In 1931, the Pug Dog Club of America was established.


Pug Puppy looking excited on a hardwood floor

Don’t you love their compact and stocky bodies that are accentuated by a deep chest and well-developed muscles?

Their coloring is mainly fawn, black, silver fawn or apricot fawn color.

Another interesting feature of the pug is their faces. The pug’s head is quite a large feature for the rest of its body and it features deep wrinkles that make it look kind of worried in its flat face; making it even more endearing than ever!

Pugs have a great love for their human caretakers and love being with them. They enjoy being right there on your lap or at your feet – some people even call them Velcro pups because they stick so close to their owners.

A pug is a stubborn little dog; going to extreme measures to win his way. They need to be trained lovingly and positively; then you get an ideal pet because they are also so versatile; strong-willed; never aggressive. They are great with old people and youngsters and they fit in well whether it is the country or the city.

One thing is for sure when you have a pug, you won’t regret it – if you are looking for loyalty from a faithful companion that also puts a smile on your face literally every day, then the pug is certainly the dog to have in your family. The only thing you have to put in is plenty of love and care, but on their side, they give unconditional love, and their size and absolutely endearing personalities make them the perfect pet.

Health problems

Young Pug Carrying A Bone Through The Yard In Its Mouth

Unfortunately,like many of the flat-faced breeds, pugs also have breathing issues, often accentuated by hot or humid weather – they don’t do so well in this type of weather, preferring moderate temperatures, not too cold and not too hot. And unlike other dogs that are efficient at controlling their body temperature which they do through evaporation through the tongue, the pug is not that effective at doing that.

Apart from their breathing issues, they have a variety of other different health issues and regular trips to the vet will be required where the vet can give your pug general check-ups. These check-ups are essential for the pug.

Pugs adore their food and can even become obese. It is essential to give your pug regular exercise along with a healthy diet and to keep a watch on his weight so that he doesn’t get overweight. It is important not to over-feed your pug on over-processed foods and food from your table. It is vital that he stays at a healthy weight, not only for obesity issues but for other health issues that could arise as a result of not eating properly.

Because of the way they are built and those cute pudgy little faces, they are prone to snort, sneeze, snore and wheeze a lot. They make a lot of funny sounds, particularly at night when they are sleeping, and watch out, they will love to share your bed with you!

Your little pug friend can live to be around 15 years old if he is well looked after and fed on a nutritious and healthy diet.

Contact your vet if ever you notice any health problems.

Grooming is essential to bring out the best of your pug

Two Different Colored Pugs Looking Up In A Field Of Grass

When you buy your pug, it is imperative you look out for reputable breeders.

  • A pug loves to play and he needs some physical exercise in his day as well as mental stimulation, but they are happy-go-lucky dogs and chilled.
  • Like all dogs, your pug, when he is a pup still, will need early socialization — exposure to lots of peoples, sounds, sights, and experiences. Socialization helps ensure that your pug grows up to be awell-rounded dog.
  • Remember, too, that the pug is sensitive to heat and humidity, so if you live in these area types, be sure your pug doesn't spend too much time outside.
  • Pugs are known to have anxiety and stress and many have what is known as separation anxiety which can be hard to deal with as a pet parent. CBD oil can help out with any anxiety and provide your pup with some relief.

Sold out
  • Even though the pug’s coat is short and smooth, he will still shed that hair like crazy when it’s summer. If you are wise, you will wear light-colored clothing otherwise the hair will show up on dark clothes. But remember his hair requires regular brushing and also bathing to keep his coat in good condition. A monthly bath is enough for the pug.
  • Trimming his nails regularly is very important too because these dogs don’t wear their nails down outside like a lot of other dogs do.
  • Also, his bulging eyes need attention because as you can see, they protrude, making them vulnerable to injury and also irritation from chemicals and soaps. Those bulgy eyes can even pop out. Here’s what to do should that happen.
  • Teeth:The pug can be susceptible to gum disease and bad breath which means regular brushing. Usually, if you feed dogs the right food, you cut down a lot of dental health problems.

When grooming, make it a positive experience for your dog, filling it with praise and rewards, then you will lay the groundwork for when the pug gets to the vet, making it more comfortable for him. Every week do a routine examination of all the important parts of his body that need to be in tip-top condition to make a happy healthy pug.

The Pug By Molly Boman

Molly Boman
Molly enjoys writing with experience covering topics all about dogs. she is an ardent lover of dogs and all other animals which is where her love of nature comes! When she gets the chance to be in the great outdoors she loves watching her grandchildren play with her pups in the sunshine!

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