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Top 100 Best Girl Dog Names in 2022

Girl Dog Names for a Yorkie with a pink bow
Dog owners may quickly get puzzled with the best name for their puppy or “adopted dog” which is of senior age and may still need a new name. Even though they have episodes in their minds of having such joy at home, names are still constantly changing. First off, a dog owner wants to come up with a unique name, so that there is no further confusion when strolling and listening to other dog owners who call their smaller friends. Secondly, they just want to impress other people with exceptional girl dog names. Check out another blog on To make your choice easier, let’s first understand what girl dog names “rules” you may stick to. 
  1. Use short names. It will be very strange if you cannot pronounce it due to the length or complexity of the letter combination. Besides, with a short name, your dog will fastly get used to it.
  2. Do not opt for a BAD girl dog names. In some countries, other people may even consider it suspicious and involve volunteers who will start asking you why and for what.
  3. If you cannot come up with the best name, think of your favorite actress, singer, or just name.Definitely, one of us has a favorite name, so why do not you give it to your lovely dog?
  4. Learn the old-fashioned names. Why not? At least, you will not be too banal among others. Refer to movies or get to know about dogs who have been well-known in history.
  5. Another option is to refer to translation. For example, there are many patterns of yellow color but you do not feel like to choose girl dog names with them for sure. But, Amber — stone, as well as color, maybe a good idea. The same concerns other minerals which may have fancy names for pets.
Finally, if you lack ideas to the extreme, find any popular name and try to play with it. For instance — modify Bella into Belli, Belma, Bellow among others. Or else, Alma into Alie, Aliana, Alice.

What Are the Popular Options for Girl Dog Names?

White Pointy Eared Girl Dog In A Field Of Flowers
For your reference, we’ve decided to find out the best girl dog names in 2020. Do not be too shy and choose any of them or again try to play with them adjusting for your bundle of joy.
  1. Alma
  2. Athena
  3. Amanda
  4. Candy
  5. Anabelle
  6. Ameli
  7. Berta
  8. Viva
  9. Gretta
  10. Gabbi
  11. Gucci
  12. Glory
  13. Jessy
  14. Daisy
  15. Duffy
  16. Jerry
  17. Bessi
  18. Blake
  19. Beta
  20. Bella
  21. Naomi
  22. Nini
  23. Nancy
  24. Betty
  25. Buffy
  26. Bianca
  27. Violette
  28. Emmie
  29. Eve
  30. Elma
  31. Emma
  32. Giselle
  33. Zoe
  34. Zuzu
  35. Ivy
  36. Yummy
  37. Kiwi
  38. Lilu
  39. Lady
  40. Luna
  41. Lucy
  42. Monica
  43. Margot
  44. Mira
  45. Messi
  46. Maggie
  47. Malibu
  48. Audrey
  49. Olivia
  50. Peachy
  51. Piper
  52. Rose
  53. Joy
  54. Ruby
  55. Rina
  56. Selly
  57. Salma
  58. Sakura
  59. Tori
  60. Tracy
  61. Trisha
  62. Fiona
  63. Fabi
  64. FancyCloe
  65. Hannah
  66. Heidi
  67. Honey
  68. Cherry
  69. Sherry
  70. Chanel
  71. Utah
  72. Jammy
  73. Fantasy
  74. Una
  75. Erica
  76. Cali
  77. Sunny
  78. Moony
  79. Cookie
  80. Birdy
  81. Lola
  82. Leila
  83. Riri
  84. Roanne
  85. Mimi
  86. Mathilda
  87. Nona
  88. Nini
  89. Pepa
  90. Chami
  91. Sunny
  92. Icy
  93. Pinky
  94. Sweety
  95. America
  96. Zena
  97. RooRoo
  98. Katy
  99. Goldie
  100. Abigail
As you may see, there are myriad dog girl names but still, you may modify them and make up your unique name. The top picks are names like these — Riri, Mimi, Sweetie, as they are practical and maybe trendy within celebrities as well. But, it is up to you, as your dog may not look as sweet but be a very serious creature.

What to Do if Your Girl Dog Doesn’t Like The Name?

Caviler King Charles Spaniel laying on the hard wood floor
You may wonder whether it is possible, as you are the owner, and think that dog will listen to you at all points. However, do not be surprised when your dog does not want to react to your calling. Sometimes, it happens in senior dogs that used to have another name and now you changed it or you never knew the previous one.In these situations, you’d better follow the next tactics:
  1. Try to use the girl dog name as much as possible when you play with her. A dog should understand that the atmosphere is positive with only her alongside her owner. In fact, she will think one else there can have the same name.
  2. Try to minimize shouting with your girl dog name. For discipline, you may do it, however, a dog will immediately have the reaction of “danger”. Besides, dogs the same as a human may retire into the shell and then require vet help.
  3. Try to pet your dog by repeating her name. It will strengthen her bond with you, and she will understand that she is doing great. Do not forget to add to the name such words as Good Girl, Great Girl, and many others.

Last but not least, try to monitor when your dog gives you the back reaction. Maybe you use other names or words, so she tends to come to you upon listening to them. Some dogs may wrongly interpret when you address them or someone else. Check it out with the names of your friends or family members.You Want to Change a Name When a Dog Got Used to First Name?It is worth answering this question, as many dog owners-to-be think — what if I want to change the girl dog name in the future. Commonly, such practices should be avoided because it works the same with people. We do not change our names except for some valid reasons, and we definitely get used to the names given to us since birth. A dog will also stick to her first name and when you start calling her differently, there will be only questions and misunderstanding on her face.

Puppy Labrador in bed with toys all around

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