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Best Cooling Dog Bed

Cooling dog bed

Dogs love to sleep but sometimes you will see them running from their beds and sprawling out on the cooler floors. This is because dog beds oftentimes get hot and increase the body temperatures of dogs. Luckily dog sleeps science has come a long way from just being a pillow and there are beds that cool as your dog's sleep. In this article, I will cover what makes body heat a bad thing and give our selection for the best cooling dog bed.

Why is cooling important?

Dogs bed gets too hot

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from many heat-related health issues from heat stroke to just being uncomfortably hot. For us, all it may take is an air-conditioned room and an frozen treat, but dogs even when inside will often go to their beds to cool down but end up getting hot all over again. Many dog beds simply absorb the dog's body heat and will keep it in a pocket of warmth for your already hot dog. If you have a cooling dog bed it is made to absorb and dissipate this heat making it a comfortable place for a dog to rest.

If you have a dog that is prone to getting hot in their bed even in the winter there may be some factors to this as well. Many conventional dog beds and even memory foam dog beds are trappers of heat so even if your dog is not hot their body heat is being absorbed and it just keeps building up in the bed until they become hot.

How do you find the best cooling dog bed?

Cooling dog beds for comfort

There are many dog beds out there with the claim that they cool and this is true but oftentimes they are not good for continued sleep. What I mean by this is that cooling dog beds are often either cot style or cooling mats. These may keep your dog cool but are extremely bad for their joint and muscle health. There are cases where these are the best option like if it is outside unprotected but otherwise we suggest you do not use this style of bed.

The best option for a dog bed, in general, is to choose an orthopedic memory foam dog bed but if you have a dog that gets hot then you probably know that most memory foam human and dog beds get too hot in the night. Luckily there have been breakthroughs recently and there is now cooling gel that can be a top layer to a memory foam insert. This still gives you all the great benefits of an orthopedic bed with the cooling dog bed aspect.

The reason orthopedic memory foam dog beds are so good is that they are actually mapped to the pressure areas of dogs which allows them to rest with support but doesn't cause any unnecessary stress on joints. Normal dog beds can cause bones to rub together where our joints meet and also hinders blood circulation which can be problematic as dog's age. This is why when looking for the best cooling dog bed a memory foam one is what we recommend.

Best cooling dog bed

Another category to consider is the fabric the cover is made of and if it meets whatever checkpoints you need at the time. Some dogs need an easy to clean option and others need a tougher material for a chewer.  For our selection, we wanted a material that worked well with the cooling factors we need and we chose a nice stay clean fabric that is also waterproof and antibacterial for the dog's health.

What is our choice for the best cooling dog bed?

BuddyRest Cooling gel layer

After a lot of research, we are actually pleased to say that our choice for the best cooling dog bed is the same choice as our favorite orthopedic memory foam dog bed! BuddyRest dog beds have just had really great products. Made in the USA and recommended by many DVMs these beds are an amazing choice for any furry friend out there. The fabric they use is a stay clean waterproof material that feels like suede. The important part, however, is the memory foam they use which is tactile pressure mapped and calibrated for dogs comfort. This foam features a gel layer called the true cool layer that actually regulates the temperature of the bed allowing the heat to disperse and making sure your dog stays cool. This means your dog can get all the benefits of an orthopedic bed without that heat buildup that makes the beds unusable for periods at a time.

buddyrest comfort deluxe dog bed


Starting at $149.99

No matter what bed you find best for your dog it is important that we make them comfortable. Some dogs are prone to getting hot and there is not much they can do about it but it can be uncomfortable and even lead to health risks. Getting a cooling dog bed for our hot furry friends can be an amazing thing for their comfort and health. If you have anything else to add to the conversation feel free to leave a comment and make sure to share this article so others can get this great information for their pups.

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