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Top US Dog Boarding Facilities

A shelter employee pets a dog outside of its kennel

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re going to take a look at some of the best U.S dog kennels to board your furry best friends during their pet vacay. Today, awesome dog boarding kennels are more like pet resorts that offer massage, swimming, extended outdoor play, 24/7 veterinary care, DOGTV, individual meal planning, and more! So here’s the take!

With many of today’s top U.S dog boarding facilities more like hotel and pet resorts, let’s take a look at how COVID-19 safety measures have affected pet vacays, and the way we board our dogs?

If you’re planning a family vacation without your furry best friend this holiday season, you may need to choose between a pet sitter or boarding your furry best friend at a pet resort or dog boarding kennel during COVID-19.

With that said, the best US dog boarding kennels allow for dogs to socialize, brush up on their training, enjoy pawdicures, and more!

Finding the perfect dog boarding kennel during COVID-19 may seem difficult, but it’s actually super easy. Here are a few suggestions to ensure that your pup has the best pet vacay!

COVID-19 Safety Measures for 2021

To ensure the safety and well-being of your family and your dog, dog kennels should be following Stay Safe Guidelines that ensure employee, guest health, and physical distancing measures to keep everyone safe. These safety protocols allow for pet resorts and kennels to follow currentCDC guidelines. 

What Does Your Dog Need?

Consider your dog’s personality, and make sure that the boarding facility is able to meet the needs of your dog. For example, if your dog is stressed out in new environments, inquire about whether someone will be able to spend one-on-one time with him. If your dog is hyperactive, ask about off-leash runs and group play with socialization.

If your pup has immediate veterinary needs, inquire about emergency veterinary care. You’ll need to check what a dog boarding facility has to offer in terms of outdoor time, off-leash exercise, training, massage, nutritional options, and veterinary care, most especially if there is an emergency.

Your best bet is to visit the kennels beforehand, and to always read the reviews. Watch how the staff interact with dogs and people. Check out ventilation, environmental cleanliness, mental stimulation, and dog water and food bowls. Are they filled with clean water? How clean are they? Opt for the use of pet cams with live streaming while you’re away from your dog. It’s similar to home security cams, and allows you to see what’s going on 24/7.

Visit Beforehand

If your dog is prone to being stressed out when you’re away, first take a tour without your dog. Look for clean and sanitized runs, watch how handlers treat dogs, and check out playtime with other dogs. Another important thing to consider is temperature. How hot or cold will the kennels be during the summers or winters? Never just arrive with your dog without having done enough research.

Is there an air-exchange system to control bacteria and viruses throughout the boarding facility? If you’re looking for additional services like canine massage, longer walks, swim time, DogTV, or even nail trims, inquire about them ahead of time.


Always inquire about extra costs, and see what’s included as to dog sporting activities, and extra services like grooming, and massage, most especially if your dog needs plenty of one-on-one time.

You should never choose cheaper boarding, but instead opt for ample room- to- run, and an array of mentally stimulating activities like swimming, hiking, positive dog training clinics, and group play. Find out about the ratio of dogs in group play, and ask about how workers are trained to handle dog fights if one had to break out.

Pet Sitters International

If you haven’t found your ideal kennel, and find that your dog would be happier and more relaxed at home with a pet sitter, then reach out toPet Sitters International to find out more. Some dogs are so stressed out at kennels, that it may be best to hire a screened pet sitter at home.

How to Find the Top U.S Dog Boarding Hotels?

Paradise 4 Paws (7-Locations)

Pet Hotels likeParadise 4 Paws offer a full range of complimentary services, with a multitude of services, and have also enhanced all safety measures post COVID-19 with curbside drop-off and pick-up with card-on-file to enable contactless payments and limit in-person interaction. They are requiring advanced reservations for boarding and advanced notice for drop-off outside of normal daycare hours.

For those clients not using curbside drop-off, there’s a limit of one client at a time in the lobby with limited direct interaction with staff members. All clients need to wear masks or face coverings and fresh gloves as per CDC guidelines. Paradise 4 Paws features 7 locations which include:

Paradise 4 Paws is cat and dog friendly. Here’s the deal!

They offer a full suite of spa and grooming services for dogs and cats. From nail trims to hot oil treatments and fur trims to spa baths. They also have a groomer on site for full grooms. They also offer:

  • Regular baths & spa baths
  • Specialty services like hot oil treatments, mud baths, pawdicures, pet tattoos, and more!
  • 24/7 veterinary care with pet med administration
  • Dog training
  • Boarding lounge
  • Dog training
  • A La CARTE Services –take a peak!

D Pet Hotels

If you’re looking for optimal pet luxury, check outD-Pet Hotels which are a part of a chain throughout the US. Here you have the option of choosing your most preferred suite for your pooch.

The suites may feature a TV screen as large as a 65-inch screen for doggo TV, as well as a special a la carte menu. Featuring memory foam mattresses, and designer sheets. The D- Pet Hotel chain offers luxury pet boarding throughout the US. The locations include the following.

  • Austin TX
  • Scottsdale AZ
  • Arcadia AZ
  • Hollywood CA
  • Los Angeles CA

D-Pet Hotels feature a suite choice where you get to choose between a standard, sensational, or capital suite. D-chauffeur is also offered in case your pooch needs to pick up and drop off.

Fitdog Sports Club 

If you’re like us and want your doggo to have plenty of outdoor exercise and off-leash fun, considerFit Dog Sports Club.

Based out of Santa Monica, CA this doggo hotel offers a 3,000 sq. feet dog park for optimal fun. Here’s the take with this dog hotel: 

  • Boarding guests enjoy a daily group walk, private meals, and a full day of play.
  • There is also 24/7 supervision.
  • Private sleeping areas
  • Daily routine
  • 24/7 care
  • Daycare & walk included in rates

Professional grooming is also offered together with personalized care, and group socialization. Fit Dog Sports Club also offers pet taxi service, mini bar, and puzzle playtime.

Morris Animal Inn

This is another full service pet hotel that offers the best in services. Morris Animal Inn also offers spa day, grooming, and dog training. Morris has constantly had good reviews with plenty of media coverage. Based out of New Jersey, it’s an internationally recognized pet care facility. Some of the great feature offered include:

  • Outdoor play areas
  • Climate control with air purification systems
  • Soft natural lighting, skylights, and background music in every room
  • Smoke and fire detection, lightning protection and backup generators
  • Private residence on premises and 24-hour camera surveillance
  • Accredited staff that meet the standards set by the Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center

Choosing Your Dog Boarding Location 

There are plenty of great dog boarding facilities throughout the US. If you’re feeling guilty at the thought of not taking your dog with you on a pet vacay, don’t be! Some of these facilities include 5-star ratings with 24-hour room service, natural lighting for optimal relaxation, and climate controlled environments.

The key to ensuring your dog’s well-being throughout his stay comes down to making sure that you’ve done the research! Keep in mind that many dogs are stressed out in pet resorts, and will take time to adjust. Possibly think dog camps that offer specific canine sporting activities like agility, tracking, to allow for a fun family experience!

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