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What are the Best Fruits for Dogs to Eat?

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When you sit down to enjoy a tasty and healthy snack, your dog may be sitting at your feet also wanting to enjoy what you are eating. Most fruits are perfectly safe in moderation for dogs, and some are highly toxic. This article highlights the benefits of certain fruits and lets you know which ones will cause you to end up in the hospital with your dog.

Are There Healthy Fruits for Dogs?

Many different fruits are safe for your pets to eat. Most fruits contain natural sugars, so moderation is the best. When introducing a new fruit to your pet's diet, it is best to start off slow and only add one fruit at a time to make sure that your pet's body can handle that fruit due to allergies or other reactions.

Top 10 Fruits for Dogs


Bananas are an excellent treat for dogs to enjoy. These fruits are high in potassium, vitamins, biotin fiber, and copper. Even though they contain lots of needed vitamins and minerals, they do provide a high amount of sugar and should be given in moderation.


Apples contain vitamin A and vitamin C. These are a delicious low-fat taste treat for your pets. Just make sure to remove the seeds before giving them to your dog


Blueberries contain lots of antioxidants such as resveratrol. These antioxidants are known to help prevent damage to cells in the body, have anti-cancer properties, and fight heart disease. Also, tannins are found in blueberries which help with urinary tract infections. All these beneficial properties make blueberries an excellent treat for your dog.


Blackberries are packed full of needed vitamins and minerals. These berries make a tasty treat that you can give your pet. Like most fruit, it is best only to provide a few at a time.


Cantaloupe is another excellent fruit to offer your dog. This fruit is very low in calories but still has tons of added vitamins and minerals. This tasty treat, however, is full of sugar and should only be offered on a limited basis.


Oranges are an excellent way for your pet to get vitamin C and potassium. While not all dogs like citrus fruits, this is usually a favorite for many dogs. Make sure to remove the peel and seeds first.


Kiwis contain lots of vitamin C and potassium and are an excellent treat for your pet. It is best to remove the skin before giving this fruit to your dog. Even though the fruit is small in size, you should never give your pet a whole kiwi. Always remove the skin and cut the kiwi into small bite-size pieces.


Cranberries are a great fruit to feed your dog. These also come as dried fruits that are an easy snack to take on road trips. Cranberries are used in many bladder supplements to help with urinary tract infections or other urinary problems.


Benefits of pumpkin info-graphic

Pumpkin is a great fruit to give your dog. Pumpkin is very high in fiber and vitamin A. This is a great fruit to help dogs who suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and constipation. Pumpkin is a common fruit used to help dogs who have trouble expressing their anal glands.

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Strawberries are full of vitamin C and a great snack to give your dog. These berries also contain an enzyme that has been shown to make teeth whites. In moderation, strawberries make for a tasty treat.

Some Fruits to Avoid

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Fruits such as cherries, grapes, and tomatoes should be avoided in dogs. These are known to cause significant problems when given to your dog.


Cherries should be avoided in dogs. They contain cyanide that is extremely toxic to dogs. Cyanide causes your dog's blood not to be able to transport oxygen to the body as it should be. This will cause your pet to have trouble breathing. Eating cherries can be a very life-threatening emergency.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and Raisins are very toxic to dogs. Even just one grape can cause irreversible kidney damage and even death.


The red part of the tomato is usually safe for a dog to eat. The green part of the plant or a green tomato contains a toxic substance known as solanine. Solanine causes gastrointestinal and neurologic problems.

Tips for Feeding Fruit to Dogs

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When adding fruit to your pet's diet, it is best to start off with just one type of fruit and slowly add another. This helps you know which fruits your pet likes and how the fruit affects your dog's body.

If the fruit has a skin or seeds, it is best to remove the skin and the seeds. These can get stuck in your dog's intestines, and they will then need emergency surgery

Limit the number of fruits you feed to just a small amount. Most fruits also contain natural sugar. Excessive sugar intake is not suitable for your dog and can lead to your dog becoming overweight and possibly even getting diabetes.

What Benefits Do Fruits Bring to Dogs

All fruit has some of the essential vitamins and minerals and is a tasty treat that you can share with your pets. By only give a small amount help make sure that your pet is not getting too much extra sugar and all the needed vitamins. The fruit is an excellent treat to add to your pet's daily feedings along with supplements to get complete nutrition.

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Fruits are a great addition to any dog's diet. When you are enjoying fruit, and your dog wants a piece as long as it is not toxic, it is safe to share in moderation. Fruits are something that both humans and animals can enjoy on a hot summer day.

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