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What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs?

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CBD oil is becoming a popular solution for people from all walks of life for a range of reasons. In humans, it is used to treat an array of conditions and has become a popular supplement. As well as this though, it has been found that CBD oil is just as effective for our pets! Although, it has left a lot of people wondering what does CBD oil do for dogs?

A short answer is that it does a lot of the same things for pets as it does for humans. It is useful for treating pain, anxiety, and even stress in our pets. For an animal that it is often hard to medicate, CBD oil can be a really effective tool. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil has seen wide exposure very quickly; this has lead to a lot of misunderstanding about it. If you’re wondering what CBD oil can do for dogs, you have to understand just what CBD oil is and how it interacts with your dog.

Hemp and Cannabis

 The first thing to keep in mind when giving CBD oil to your dog is the difference between hemp and cannabis. CBD oil’s association with cannabis is at the route of most myths about it.

CBD is a compound that is found in both cannabis and hemp. While it is found in these plants, it is an entirely separate compound to the THC that makes cannabis a popular recreational drug. This compound is isolated from cannabis or hemp to produce CBD, giving it medicinal benefits without the psychoactive qualities of THC.

 C02 Extraction (For Purity)

 When producing CBD oil, the CBD compounds need to be extracted and isolated away from THC. One new method of doing this is through C02 extraction. This method uses carbon dioxide to extract the CBD from the plant without using any harsh chemicals. This limits the possibility of contamination and ensures that your CBD oil is completely pure.

 Won’t Get Your Dog High

 Since CBD Oil is extracted with a high level of purity, you can be sure that you're only giving your dog CBD. Separating it from the THC that produces a psychoactive effect allows you to get all of the medicinal benefits for your pet without any risk of them feeling the effect. CBD oil isn’t going to get your dog high, but it can help with their pain or stress.

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 What Can CBD Oil Do for Your Dog?

 If you’re wondering what CBD oil does for dogs, the answer can vary. CBD oil for dogs has a lot of different uses, these are some of the main areas it can help:

Reduce Painful Inflammation

 CBD oil is a particularly effective treatment for inflammation. What is special about this, is that it helps with both joint and body inflammation. This can be helpful for dogs who are aging, or even those who have had surgery recently.

 Improved Cardiac Health

 Cardiac health is an unfortunately common problem for dogs. CBD oil can be an effective treatment for helping a pet keep its heart in good shape. The anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling as a result of a heart condition and help your dog stay healthy. 

Increased Appetite 

CBD oil can help out dogs who are finding it difficult to eat. This works by easing nausea in dogs. This is a major factor in a pet’s loss of appetite, dealing with this problem can help a dog feel more comfortable eating.

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Reduce Joint Pain

 The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil can work wonders for joint pain. This eases the swelling which reduces pain by itself. However, the stress and anxiety-reducing effects can help deal with all the pain, this makes joint pain less destructive to your dog and allows them to relax.

Reduce Anxiety

 CBD oil is effective in both humans and pets for its anxiety-reducing qualities. When administered, an anxious dog can relax. It interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. This is an area which deals with feelings of anxiety, and CBD oil is an effective treatment for this.

Reduce Stress                             

CBD oil works to reduce stress in dogs in much the same way as it treats anxiety. By interacting with a dog’s nervous system, feelings of stress can be dulled and your dog can have an easier time relaxing. Stress is the underlying concern of a lot of different problems for our pets, like separation anxiety. This makes CBD oil a great treatment for these conditions.

Possible Cancer Aid (No Conclusive Evidence of This Yet)

 CBD oil can help with cancer, but it is important to put this in context. There is no conclusive evidence of CBD Oil treating cancer and you shouldn’t rely on it to help your dog with this condition. However, the side effects of cancer such as pain and stress can be treated with CBD oil, making it an effective tool for making your dog comfortable despite cancer treatment. 

Possible Risks of CBD Oil

While CBD oil has some great medicinal qualities for dogs, it is important to be aware of the risks. Like with any medicine, you need to ensure you’re using it correctly for your pet.


CBD oil runs the same risk as any other medicine when taken in too high of a quantity. Since some different CBD oils can have different concentrations, you always need to be careful of the dosage you’re administering. These are some signs that your dog has had too much.

  •  Loss of Appetite
  •  Lethargy
  •  Loss of balance

If your dog exhibits these signs, you should immediately seek assistance.

Dry Mouth

CBD oil impacts the production of saliva in both humans and dogs. This can cause dogs to become quite thirsty. You should be aware of this if administering it to your pet regularly. 

Lowered Blood Pressure 

Very high amounts of CBD oil can cause a drop in your pet’s blood pressure. This drop is too small to do any damage but can cause some light-headedness. 

Buying Quality CBD Oil 

When purchasing CBD oil, you have a lot of options. There are a lot of different types on the market, and it can often feel like they give you a little information about their properties. If you’re looking to find the best CBD oil, this is what you should look for. 

C02 Extraction 

C02 Extraction is by far the safest way to get high-quality CBD oil. This method eliminates the risk of other compounds being present in the extraction, this way you know exactly what it is that you’re giving your dog. 


When you’re looking to treat your dog with CBD oil, purity is vital. The purer it is, the more you can be sure about its safety. This makes purity the most important factor when you’re comparing CBD oil sand deciding which one to give your pet. 

Price Tag (You Get What You Pay for) 

While this is true with most things, it is especially important with CBD oil. Oil of good purity will be effective and safe to give your pet. However, is going to cost more than those extracted without as much care. You need to keep this in mind when shopping for CBD oil. 

What Does CBD Oil Do for Dogs? 

CBD Oil can have a whole range of possibilities for treating your dog. It can help with everything from joint inflammation to stress and anxiety. However, it needs to be treated like any other medicine. You need to be careful about dosages, and ensure that you’re buying pure and effective CBD oil. If you keep all this in mind, CBD oil can be a great help for you and your pet.

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