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What is the Best Dog Bed for a Large Dog?

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Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM author of What is the Best Dog Bed for a Large Dog?

Do you have a large breed dog and looking for the perfect bed?  There are many things that you need to consider when buying a bed for your large dog.

This article will help you when searching for your next bed for your dog. These are some things you need to consider before purchasing a bed for your dog.

What makes a great dog bed?

There are many great dog beds on the market today.  It can take some time to look at all the different beds and all the different options. These are some things that you need to consider making sure that you are getting the best bed for your dog. Following these steps, when looking for a bed, will save you time and help you pick the perfect bed for your large dog.

A bed that will provide comfort for your dog

You will want to take into consideration the comfort of your dog. Your dog will need a space of their own. This bed will be a place that they will retreat to for a nap or just to simply feel at home. You will want to make sure that the bed has lots of cushioning. Your large dog will want to sleep on a very well-cushioned bed and not the hard floor.

Make sure that the bed you purchase is big enough for them. If your dog likes to stretch out, make sure that there is room for them to stretch out when they sleep. The best way is to measure your dog from their nose to their tail.

This will help give you an idea of how big of a bed that you need. For dogs that like to stretch out, consider a flatbed without puffy edges. A dog that likes to sleep curled up will love the cushioned puffy edge to feel cradled.

Temperature is also important. Your dog cannot sleep if they are always hot. Some dog beds come with a gel-cooled layer that helps to regulate their body temperature. If your dog is always panting and hot, a gel-cooled layer would be the best.

Larger dogs are more prone to joint and hip problems. For larger dogs, it is best to consider an orthopedic dog bed. These will help decrease the pain on the joints and fully support your dog's body while they sleep. Orthopedic dog beds are made of memory foam.

These tend to cause your dog to be very warm, so it is best to also have a gel cooled layer to keep your pet cool. Orthopedic dog beds are wonderful for large breed dogs who are suffering from hip dysplasia and joint aches. It is also good for a dog who is a little overweight too.

A bed that is durable

When looking for a bed, you will want one that is durable. This will help you from having to buy a new bed every few months. Look for one with modern fabric. Kevlar is a very tough material that most newer beds are made from. This fabric is very strong and chews resistant. That makes these beds great for puppies or other heavy chewers.

Some manufactures offer a warranty for their dog beds. They will usually replace the dog bed once if your dog does end up destroying their bed. This would be very beneficial for puppies or destructive dogs.

Also, consider how the bed is made. Look at the stitching and that the zippers are hidden.  There may also be Velcro that is used to close the bed cover. Make sure that this is easy to put together. Zippers make for a great chew toy, and Velcro can easily snag and pull their fur.

Does your pet have special considerations?

If your dog is a heavy chewer, they will need tougher material. Puppies also will need this tougher material as they go through the teething phase. If your dog has a urinary problem or is incontinent, consider a waterproof bed. Some dogs also drool excessively or love to play in their water bowl. These dogs would also benefit from a waterproof bed.

If your dog is older and occasional is having accidents on their bed, or your dog spends a lot of time outside playing in the dirty, make sure that the bed you get them has a cover that is easy to remove and machine washable. This will make cleaning your dog's bed a breeze.

If your dog has skin allergies, look for a fabric that is antibacterial. This will help decrease the chance of bacteria and other allergens from living on the surface of their beds.

What are the best dog beds for large dogs?

When looking for the best bed for your dog, consider these 5 beds. They will meet all the requirements that you would need for a bed for your large dog. These beds are made of tough, durable material, hidden zippers, and comes with a guarantee.

  1. Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam by Buddy Rest
  2. Titan Fortress Ballistic Bolster Dog Bed by Buddy Rest
  3. Affinity Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed by Buddy Rest
  4. Romeo Advanced Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed by Buddy Rest
  5. Divinity Bolster Memory Foam Dog Bed by Buddy Rest

Sold out

There are many great dog beds on the market. These are the thing to consider when looking for your next dog bed. These are 5 of the best dog beds that you could get for your large dog. While each dog is different and will have different needs, the buddy rest dog beds make an excellent choice for your large dog.

A dog bed is a place for your dog to sleep on during the day or somewhere to retreat to when they want to be alone. Make sure that you spend time picking out your dog's new bed, as this will help your dog be more relaxed and happy.

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Meet The Author 

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM author of What is the Best Dog Bed for a Large Dog?

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM

Since she was a little girl, she knew that her dream was to become a veterinarian. With a tremendous passion and love for animals that makes her a great source of knowledge for others. She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the Schnoodle, and Bam-Bam the bunny.

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