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Best Dog Camping Equipment

a golden retriever wearing a red service vest digging in the snow
Amber LaRock author of Best Dog Camping Equipment

A furry friend is one of the best camping companions you can ask for! With their excitement for adventure, love for the great outdoors, and their happiness with being at your side, your pup would jump at the chance to accompany you on your next camping trip. 

How do you best prepare to bring your favorite pup along? In this article, we’ll discuss the best dog camping equipment and all the helpful tips you’ll need to know!

Can you take a dog camping?

Dogs can be a wonderful addition to your camping experience. With most campgrounds now becoming dog friendly in most areas, you can safely bring your furry friend along without a worry. 

Though your pup can accompany you to most areas, you will need to keep them on a leash at all times. Your pup may wish they could run free and explore, this is a common rule that most dog owners have grown to expect on any outdoor adventures. 

Along with the rule of keeping your dog on a leash at all times is the expectation to clean up after their messes. Bathroom cleanups are essential for allowing our dogs to continue to be accepted in camping areas and help make the area is safe and clean for other furry friends as well. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have a bag for all the things your dog may need such as; dog food, treats, toys, and poop bags to ensure you are able to easily clean up after them 

It is also important to make sure that your dog is well trained, and that you feel confident in your ability to control them in new surroundings. A loud and obnoxious pup would be a bit unsettling for other campers, so it’s best to train your furry friend before you attempt to bring them along. 

As long as you are willing to abide by the common rules of your local campground, this can be an exciting environment for any canine friend. With a new set of smells and unique sights in every direction, your pup will have the time of their life. 

Dog Camping Equipment

Now that you’ve decided to bring your pup along on your next outdoor adventure, what equipment should you gather in order to ensure their safety? In order to ease your worries, let’s cover a few of our favorite choices!


Prisma Reflective Collar with Magnetic Clasp 

  • Created with strength in mind using military technology that is commonly used on rifle straps and bags  
  • Comes in a variety of colors for any style 
  • The collar is reflective in order to help your pup be seen at night, making camping even safer for your furry friend
  • Magnetic buckle for easy on/off removal and a strong connection to ensure reliability

Hawkins Hunting Dog Collar  

  • Uses QD magnetic technology for a stronghold and ultimate comfort for your furry friend 
  • 680 denier ballistic nylon and Kevlar thread, ensuring that this collar can withstand harsh outdoor elements
  • Bright color for visibility in darkness and against an outdoor setting, making sure you can keep an eye on them at all times 

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RuffWear Roamer Leash  

  • Adjustable stretch webbing design to absorb shock and pulling 
  • Can be held or attached to either a person’s waist or a tether giving you a hands-free capability to keep your pup at your side
  • Aluminum Uniloop clasp with RuffWear’s unique talon clip  
  • Extra clasp for poop pickup bags or other attachments, giving you added convenience during your outdoor stay

Prismatic Super Reflective Dog Leash 

  • Meant to match other Prismatic Material and collars
  • Highly reflective, military-created material that will help you keep an eye on your favorite pup 
  • Ensures safety for responsible pet owners that want to keep their dog at their side
  • Allows others to see where the dog is at night if tethered or out for a late-night bathroom break, or if your pup manages to get away from you
A man sitting next to his dog as they eat out of a Ruffwear dog bowl

Food/Water Dog Bowl 

Camping is all about bringing things that are necessary and making transporting the things that you need as easily as you can. Dog bowls are chunky items that can take up a lot of space, these accessories will help to bring fido and his necessities much easier!

RuffWear Quencher Collapsible Bowl

  • Packable, lightweight food and water bowl
  • Durable, water-resistant shell fabric and lightweight, waterproof lining
  • Low-light visibility with reflective trim

RuffWear Kibble Kaddie

  • Waterproof, food-grade material is oil-resistant and seals off odor
  • Roll-down closure keeps kibble secure and allows for adjustable volume
  • Kibble dispenses from an internal fold-out spout at the top
  • Separate internal compartment stashes collapsible bowls and other food items
  • Grab handle at the bottom for easy pour

Active Dog Accessories & Toys

When going camping, a lake or some body of water is typically not too far away, and if your dog is a swimmer then you may need to be prepared for more than the wet dog smell. Check out these accessories to ensure your dog not only has fun but is safe!

RuffWear Lunker Floating Throw Toy

  • Rope handle makes it easy to throw great distances for fetching on land and water
  • Recycled foam core for excellent flotation
  • Abrasion-resistant materials for increased durability

RuffWear Camp Flyer Flying Disc Dog Toy

  • Confidence-inspiring soft construction is easy on a dog's teeth and gums
  • Engineered for a middle-distance flight on land
  • Flexible, puncture-resistant material holds its shape
  • Waterproof finish for bonus functionality as a bowl

RuffWear K-9 Float Coat

  • Reflective trim for enhanced visibility
  • Strong low-profile handle
  • Telescoping neck closure
  • Easy-to-clip buckles

Click here to find your pup’s life jacket size!

RuffWear Approach Pack

  • Customizable fit with five points of adjustment allow for a full range of motion
  • Two points of leash connection: single-piece, anodized aluminum V-ring, and webbing loop
  • The harness suspension system provides stability, comfort, and fit
  • Low-light visibility with reflective trim and light loop for attaching The Beacon

Orange ruffwear approach pack

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Camping with your Dog 

Dogs can be some of the very best outdoor adventure buddies that you could ask for. As long as you review the tips and products we’ve mentioned above, you and your pup can enjoy safe camping trips to come!

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Amber is a Licensed Vet Tech with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Recently she has specialized in veterinary and animal-related content creation and social media management. When she is not working she loves spending time with her furry friends exploring the outdoors.

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