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The Boston Terrier: What You Will Need To Know As An Owner

Boston Terrier Prancing through the grass

These happy little pups are adorable little short-haired bundles of energy that make wonderful friends. They weigh in small, topping out at 25 pounds, and will only stand at about 17 inches tall. You’ll have many wonderful years with these playful dogs, as Boston Terriers are expected to live till between age 10 to 14. Their beautiful coats are mostly white, with either black or dark brown markings, and their short-nosed faces make for some of the sweetest puppy smiles out there.

History of the Boston Terrier

It should be no surprise for you to learn that these puppers were bred in Boston! Traced back to 1865, these dogs were originally bred for the horrific sport of dog-fighting. Luckily, a few generations of further breeding developed a loving and happy personality instead. Originally called the “Round-Head.” Luckily, the name didn’t stick and they have become known the Boston Terrier in 1891.

After several generations, these sweet pups have become favorites of dog lovers across all ages. Their rough-and-tumble past is now long forgotten and they’re now perfect companions for everyone from kids to the elderly. Happy, smart, and able to match an owner’s energy, they’ve come a long way from Boston to become an American standard.

Grooming Instructions

Your pupper is very easy to keep groomed and happy! If you want a low-maintenance dog when it comes to keeping them clean, this may be exactly the companion for you. Their thinner, glossy coats don’t hang onto dirt and a quick brush on a regular basis will keep them clean! Bathing your fuzzy friend is important, but don’t do it too often. The pup’s fur is full of waterproofing oils that are important for them, and too many baths will remove this from them. It’s recommended that you bathe them only once or twice a year. Unless your companion has a penchant for rolling around in the mud, that is!

All dogs need their nails trimmed, but the Boston Terrier can be a tricky one to handle. Highly sensitive nails make it difficult to use a traditional clipper, as you could snip too much and hurt your little friend. Instead, many recommend sander that is set at a low speed. If you’re not up to purchase one of these or feel uncomfortable with using one, a groomer can handle your pupper with no problem!

Your pup’s teeth can build up tarter quite easily, and it’s important to check them multiple times per week to keep tartar and bad breath away.

One more thing to keep an eye on is your dog’s prominent eyes, which can water and build up gunk. If you notice this happening, simply take a warm cloth and carefully wipe it away.

All of these instructions will help your friend stay clean, comfortable, and happy!


Boston terrier jumping on a dirt trail

Friendly and happy, these pets are amazing for urban dwellers and families. Your furry companion will never meet a stranger, excited to make friends with everyone in your life. Their adaptable nature makes them great pets, whether you want to head out for an adventure or lounge around at home in front of the television. Known to be clowns, the Boston Terrier can be a silly little joker that will brighten all of your days.

These puppers are especially wonderful for families. They make fun companions for children, but keep an eye out! While the Boston Terrier is good with kids, too much roughhousing can make them anxious. These furballs are also wonderful with other household pets, and it would not be out-of-character to see them snuggled up on the floor with a cat.

These “Little Gentlemen” are also wonderful to train but can be very stubborn. While smart, energetic, and affectionate, these pups need consistent and persistent training to bring them into line. Once trained, these pups have been known to be everything from wonderful housepets to therapy dogs in nursing homes.

Energy Level

Boston Terriers will show more of a range of energy than you might think. Both athletic and cuddly, their activity level is entirely based on their human. Would you like to take your pup out and play fetch? The Boston Terrier would be overjoyed at that. But maybe a calm, relaxing day on the couch in front of the television is what you’re in the mood for. These dogs are happy to join you for some leisure time as well.

Because of their enthusiasm, the Boston Terrier is quickly trained, but stubborn and require persistence and patience. They aren’t yappy or loud by nature, males can get territorial with other dogs if pushed. It’s important to keep your pup’s energy positive and happy and learn about their habits and needs. The Boston Terrier will join you for anything they can, whether you’re being active or a couch-potato, and their happy puppy smiles will be worth every minute!


It is recommended to give your furry friend between 0.5 cups to 1.5 cups of dry food per day, divided up into two meals. Remember that your pup, like you, is a unique individual and their needs will vary based on their size, metabolism, and how active they are.

Keep an eye out, because Boston Terriers have a tendency to overeat! It’s important to regulate their food and make sure they don’t become overweight. Just keep an eye on them and both you and your pup will be fine.

A warning - your pupper can get gassy! This is normal for Boston Terriers, but the problem can be reduced by feeding them a high-quality dry food. This will make the time you spend with your pup infinitely more pleasant for both of you.

Boston Terriers are some of the happiest, most loving pups you could ask to find. Sweet, goofy, and always ready to hang out, their friendly personalities and tendency to be playful yet cuddly makes them an excellent companion for any dog lover. They’re small, sweet, and will love their human dearly.

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