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Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Dalmatian nibbling at a trey full of fruits

A lot of pet owners give their dogs bits of lots of different foods. They give their dog anything as a treat, assuming that the answer to can dogs eat blueberries is yes. However, accidentally consuming toxic substances is a real issue for dogs. It leads to an awful lot of vet trips every day. While some things like plants can also be a risk for a dog, the food that people have around the house can be just as much of a risk. If you’re feeding your dog human feed as a treat, you need to know if it is safe to eat or not.

Can Dogs Have Berries?

Berries constitute a wide array of different fruits. So, if you're wondering can dogs eat blueberries it may be tempting to assume the answer is the case for all berries. However, things aren't quite that simple.

Yes, but it depends on the Type

Yes, dogs can eat berries but with a few conditions! It very much depends on the type of berry and sometimes even on the type of dog. A lot of berries are safe for consumption for most dogs. However, some types of berries are completely off-limits. This isn't even just for dogs, there are plenty of berries out there poisonous to us, we just don’t sell those in supermarkets.

Check with a Veterinarian Before Feeding your Dog Any New Foods Like That

Since different foods can affect different pets, it is often best to check with your vet before introducing something new. Studies have found that 10% of all dog allergies are allergies to different sorts of food. Since dogs tend to have quite a limited diet, many owners don’t notice when their dog is eating something that they shouldn’t. If you’re unsure about how your pet reacts to food, then you should consult a vet to ensure they don’t have any allergies.

Can Dogs eat Blueberries?

Beagle eating out of a red plastic dog bowl

Dogs can eat quite a few different types of berries, but not all of them. Like any vegetable or fruit, you should always research it before giving it to your dog.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Blueberries

Blueberries are perfectly safe for dogs to eat! They are also quite good for them. Blueberries have many of the same health benefits for dogs that they do for people.

Health Benefits for Your Dog

Blueberries have a lot of health benefits for dogs. They are considered a Superfood for people and that does explain some of the great properties they have. These are some of the positives:


These compounds help your cells to defend themselves from damage. They work like this in humans, but also in our dogs. This is one of the benefits of giving your dog blueberries.


Blueberries are particularly high in fiber, getting plenty of this is just as important for dogs as it is to us. A high fiber diet helps dogs keep their bowel movements on a good schedule, as well as helping prevent diseases like diabetes, obesity, and irritable bowel syndrome. Blueberries are a good treat as part of a high fiber diet.


These chemical compounds might not be as well known as vitamins and minerals, but they do just as much good. These are literally the chemicals that make fruits and vegetables the things that they are. They give them their color and often their taste. These have a great effect on our health and that of our dogs.

Vitamin C

Most people try to get enough vitamin C in their diet, drinking some orange juice is an easy price to avoid scurvy! However, few people try to make sure their dog is getting enough vitamin C. This vitamin is just as important for our pets as it is for us. Blueberries are a great way to get your dog some vitamin C without overloading them with sugar.

Low on Sugar

The drawback to eating a lot of fruits is often the sugar. While they're packed full of vitamins and minerals the natural sugars found in them can pack a punch. Blueberries aren't all that high in sugar! Despite their pleasing taste, they’re a relatively low-sugar fruit.

Try Frozen Blueberries for a Crunchy Snack

Black and white dog eating a blueberry out of their owners hand

Many pet owners are familiar with giving their pet something out of the freezer for a treat. Freezing blueberries can make them into a great snack for your dogs. If you're wondering whether dogs can eat blueberries, sometimes it more comes down to if they want too. A frozen blueberry should tempt even the pickiest of pets.

Look for Treats That Are Made with Blueberries

While frozen blueberries are great, sometimes a dog wants more a dog-centric taste! For these pets, treats made with blueberries are a good alternative. They give them the health benefits that come from eating blueberries wrapped in a taste and treat that is well suited for a dog’s taste! Try frozen coconut oil blueberry bites!

Sold out


While dogs can eat blueberries, it does come with some conditions. These are small fruits that we grow for human consumption, so you do need to keep some things in mind when giving them to dogs.

Small Foods Can be a Choking Hazard for a Fast Eater

Some dogs inhale their food as soon as it is given to them. While slow feed bowls can help them slow down with their dinner, treats are going to be eaten quickly. Blueberry can be a choking hazard. You should be careful feeding large blueberries to a really fast eating dog.

Some Dogs Might Have a Food Allergy

Many dogs have allergies to various types of food. If you’re looking to give blueberries to your dog for the first time you need to keep this in mind. Checking if your dog has an allergy first is a safer way to do it.

Alternative Fruits to Try with Your Dog

Pile of blueberries on a white background

If your dog has a blueberry allergy, then there are plenty of other fruits that you can give your pet. These alternatives have many of the same health benefits


Bananas are perfectly safe to give a dog, they’re a great source of potassium! However, bananas are quite high in sugar so they have to be in moderation.


Watermelon is nearly entirely made up of water. This makes it a great choice of snack for your pet. It gives them some valuable nutrients and helps them stay hydrated.


As another healthy berry, strawberries contain lots of health benefits for your pet. Unfortunately, they also contain quite a bit of sugar so you have to be careful to not give your pet too many.


Blackberries are another berry that it is fine to feed to your dog! You can feed blueberries and blackberries to your dog, they contain antioxidants, fiber, and plenty of vitamins.

Should You Feed Blueberries to Your Dog?

If you were wondering if you could feed blueberries to your dog, the answer is a slightly complex yes. Some dogs may have a health condition that means you can't feed them blueberries. However, for most dogs, they should be perfectly fine. Better than fine, they contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that make them a great healthy snack for a dog!

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