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What Natural Remedies Can Help With Kidney Disease in Dogs?

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Why does kidney failure happen?

There are many reasons that a dog or cat’s kidneys can start to fail. Sometimes it is due to genetics or old age, but certain other things can trigger kidney disease such as stress toxins or poor diet.


Just like with people stress causes problems in our pets too. This may not be the same stress that people feel, but the stress of moving or the stress from losing someone close to them can make your pet sick. The stress could come from other anxieties for you pet as well, especially separation anxiety.


Certain chemicals are deadly to dogs and cats. If they do survive the exposure, there is usually some damage done to the kidneys. Pesticides, antifreeze, some plants, human food such as grapes and human medications can all cause kidney failure.

Poor diet

What your pet eats is very important in their overall health. If your pet eats a well-balanced diet not full of fillers, you will notice that your pet is much healthier. These added fillers have to be filtered by the kidneys to be expelled from the body. This can eventually cause damage to the kidneys.

What are the types of kidney failure?

There are two different types of kidney failure, Acute and chronic. This depends on how quickly the disease was discovered.

Acute Renal Failure (ARF)

Acute Renal Failure is usually the result of toxin exposure or drug. This can often be reversed if caught very early, and fluid therapy is started. ARF can also be very deadly. This usually happens very fast and often can be too late before you may be noticed that something is wrong with your dog.

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

Chronic renal failure is usually due to genetics or old age. This is a slow progression of kidney disease. Often acute kidney disease can lead to chronic renal failure. With chronic renal failure, it is often harder to treat, and your pet will usually end up taking daily supplements to help the kidneys function properly.

What supplements can my dog take?

There are many different supplements your dog can take to help ease their kidney problems. Most of these supplements have many other added benefits.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is not only good for your dog’s kidneys but also to help with skin problems or joint pain. Fish oils are high in omega 3's, which helps decrease inflammation in the kidneys as well as anywhere else in the body. Salmon Oil has high levels of DHA and EPA, two of the best Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

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B Vitamins

This vitamin is excreted from the body more when a dog has kidney disease. It is a great ideal to supplement this vitamin to your pets’ diet if they have kidney disease.

Pet-Friendly Multivitamins

When your dog has kidney disease, they can more easily get sick. By giving them multivitamins, each day will help prevent them from having any problems. Many illnesses seen in dogs with kidney disease are usually due to the lack of nutrition. By feeding your dog a well-balanced diet and giving them a multivitamin to help supplement their dog food, your dog should be healthier longer.


The kidneys are responsible for telling the body to make more blood. When they are not correctly functioning, the body is not making the amount of blood that is needed. This means that there is not enough iron in the body. Iron is necessary for oxygen to be transported in the blood. Supplementing iron to your dog with kidney disease will help make sure all the vital organs are getting the oxygen that they need.

Homeopathic remedies

There are many different homeopathic remedies you can try to help promote kidney health and increase urination.

Fresh Parsley

Fresh parsley help increase the need for your pet to urinate. It is a great herb to give your pet if they have urinary tract infections or a history of bladder stones. There are also anti-inflammatory properties that parsley has as well as helping with itching.


Silicea helps support healthy kidney function and helps slow down the progression of the kidney degeneration

Kali chloricum

Kali chloricum can be used to treat chronic kidney disorders.

Arsenicum album

Many pets with kidney problems are usually very nauseated. Arsenicum album is a homeopathic substance that can help relieve vomiting and GI upset.

Holistic Remedies

There are specific holistic remedies that you can try at home to help your pet's kidney disease. You can usually find these at the pet stores or local health food store.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice and Cranberry extract have been shown to help prevent urinary tract infection. Since your pet already has damage to the kidneys, an infection to the kidneys or bladder would make their symptoms worse. Cranberry will also help relieve any discomfort that they are feeling during urination.

Chinese Acupuncture and medicines

Acupuncture can help your dog with kidney disease. Acupuncture is when small needles are inserted into specific places in the body. These needles stimulate certain parts of the body that are connected to specific nerves and organs. Acupuncture helps increase the amount of blood that is circulated to the kidneys, thus helping the kidneys get rid of toxic substances.  

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty acids help make all the tissues in the body function properly. Research shows that Omega 3's help decreases inflammation and strengthen the immune system. These fatty acids are found in higher levels in most renal diets due to these wanted effects. Omega 3-6-9 chews have all of the omega fatty acids necessary for a balanced diet.

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese herb known as Rehmannia 8 has been shown to help increase the blood flow through the kidneys, ultimately helping the body get rid of toxins. With this herb, kidney values have returned to normal.

Kidney disease can be very challenging to treat. Many times, your dog will need multiple hospital stays and a long list of medications and supplements to keep their kidney's appropriately functioning. If you can catch the kidney disease early, it is easier to treat and correct the problem. If it is later in the disease will eventually progress to full kidney failure. Just like with people, dogs can undergo dialysis and even kidney transplants. So, ask your veterinarian about all possible options to help prolong your pet's life.

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Since she was a little girl, Dr. Ochoa knew that her dream was to become a veterinarian. With a tremendous passion and love for animals, she is now a great source of knowledge for others. Dr. Ochoa lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies: Ruby the Schnoodle and Bam-Bam the bunny.

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