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Can Dogs Eat Fish? Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Fish for Dogs

Can dogs eat fish

Dogs love all food and I don’t know about everyone else but mine will go out of their way just for some crumbs. But not all food is ok for dogs to eat and can harm them if too much is consumed. Can dogs eat fish though, I mean it is in dog food right? The answer is complicated and owners must know before they start feeding their dog a fish diet every day.

The Good

Fish is a healthy protein and can carry many nutrients that are beneficial to a dogs diet. Being rich with Omega-3 Fatty acids fish have benefits linked to the immune system and anti inflammatory properties. This makes fish a great option for many older dogs as well as any dog who has a allergy to the typical proteins of beef, chicken, and turkey. If you plan on using fish in your dog's diet make sure to be in contact with your veterinarian in order to meet all of your dog's nutritional diets beyond just protein. Fish is a great option for a dog’s diet and can be a great starter for many meals but there are things you should know prior to this.  

The Bad

Though fish is a healthy options it can pose a threat to your furry friends health if not properly served or prepared. Dogs love bones and we sometimes forget about them when dealing with food, but fish bones can be dangerous for dogs. Fish bones are thin and small making them brittle and easy to get lodged in your dog's throat or break off and cause harm. When feeding your dog fish make sure to get deboned filets and it doesn't hurt to double check for any bones left in there.

Raw fish can also be harsh to a dog’s health in certain situations and can lead to illness of other family members as well. Raw fish can carry diseases like salmonella which can be passed to your dog when they eat raw fish. This can then pass to other family members through the pups saliva and is more of a concern for younger children. If you insist on a raw diet make sure to rinse off everything that comes in contact with the fish after it is prepared to prevent the furthering of infection if salmonella is present.  

Some fish aren't good for dogs to eat on a regular basis and can even lead to health problems as well. Referred to as long lived species, some fish age over a longer period and have increased amounts of mercury levels that can be toxic. These fish include tuna, and swordfish. Raw and smoked salmon should also never be given to dogs along with clams, oysters, shrimp, lobster, and crab.  

Can dogs eat fish?

Yes dogs can eat fish and it is very beneficial to them while they do it, but it must be done correctly to ensure your dog is staying healthy and not hurt. First off you will want to make sure it is a boneless filet of a fish suitable for dogs, these include Herring, Walleye, Flounder, Char, Ocean whitefish, Salmon, and Lake Whitefish.  

Once you have the proper fish it is important to cook the fish by baking, grilling, or steaming it fully to ensure any diseases are removed. It is also important to not season your dogs fish as some spices are also toxic and can lead to health problems if not properly monitored. If your dog likes the flavor of fish they will love you and will also be getting all the great benefits that come with the natural fish nutrients.

If you want your furry friend to get all the benefits of fish without changing their diet check out Natural doggie salmon oil, or Elinora's dried fish skin chews.

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It is important to include a veterinarian when changing aspects of your dogs diet to ensure they are getting all the proper nutrients. It is also incredibly easy to overfeed your dog leading to obesity if not properly measured and calculated. Fish can be healthy and tasty to dogs and is a great substitute for other proteins for dogs. If you have anything to add to the conversation or want to share this post please feel free to check below.

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