Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets

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Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets

Holidays can be an amazing time full of family and friends making memories especially Thanksgiving, but it can also be a time that can lead to the harm of a dog. Most dog owners know what to do to keep their dog from eating something their not allowed to but other family members may not know better and slip your dog some pie under the table. Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips for pets! shop our christmas dealsFood tips

Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets

When anyone thinks thanksgiving they immediately think of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing (or dressing) but there are also many foods we eat that can be toxic to dogs this holiday season.

Turkey is one of the most common Thanksgiving meals and also able to give your dog an illness if not careful.Pancreatitis can be obtained from turkey meat or skin and is dangerous to dogs, make sure to prevent this from being fed to your dog if possible. Turkey and other poultry bones are also not good for dogs as they can splinter and get lodged in your pup's throat.

Raisins, grapes, and onions are all ingredients found in Thanksgiving dishes and are all poisonous to dogs. Make sure to keep these dishes up high away from any areas a dog can reach. Also, remind your guests not to feed your furry friend without asking beforehand.

Fatty foods which are plentiful during the holiday season can be hard for dog as they cannot digest these as well as humans. It is wise if at all possible to limit the number of table scraps your pooch gets to prevent any sickness.

Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets

Sweets including chocolate or Xylitol which is an artificial sweetener are also extremely toxic to animals and must be monitored with care around our furry friends. These smells can be tempting to a dog and if they get their paws on them they will try to eat as much as possible. Make sure to have all your sweets in a place your dogs cant reach and let everyone know not to feed Fido any chocolate.

Though humans don't partake there are certain plants that dogs like to eat even if they are not good for them. There are certain plants that are seasonal that if eaten can be toxic to dogs and need to be responsibly placed in a home setting. Somewhere up high and away from dog level should be ok.

People tips

Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets

Dogs just like humans can get anxious in crowds to the point of wanting to escape at all costs, it can also be scary for them to travel in a car to a relatives house where they are not used to. It is important to know your dog's behaviors and do your best to comfort them if they are having a hard time.

Oftentimes Thanksgiving is associated with families getting together for dinner or lunch and can be a crazy time. These increased amounts of humans can freak a dog out and it is not uncommon for one to bolt out the door as a guest enters. Make sure they know to stay back or to have someone holding them to keep them safe.

Car travels can also be hard for a pooch causing them to whine the entire way or to urinate in the car. Some dogs require crates to even get in the car and this can be a hassle and uncomfortable to the dog in some situations. The best way to help these anxious dogs is to provide them with a comfortable spot to stay where they won't ruin the car with a mess. This can include a comfy waterproof bed or crate bed along with a comfy blanket.

Thanksgiving safety tips for pets

Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets

There are plenty of ways a dog can get into something they shouldn't but there are also ways you can make the holidays more enjoyable for them this dogs thanksgiving. One thing that could help is to make them special dog treats. This will be both fun for the family where you can shape and decorate them with dog healthy ingredients, and fun for the dog because they can eat a treat while the family is feasting.

CBD can also be a great addition if you have an anxiety-prone dog that could use some calming around people or in a car. CBD or full spectrum hemp oils are a compound derived from the hemp plant and have many of the benefits of marijuana. The best part is CBD is THC free meaning no psychoactive effects and also 100% safe for dogs. This CBD compound works with the body to cause a calming effect with chemicals released by the brain.

cbd infused coconut oil

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Finally make sure to clean up all the scraps, trash, and leftovers from your thanksgiving feast this holiday to ensure your furry friend isn't getting into anything they shouldn't be. This will prevent any harmful substances from getting to your dog and will allow you to nap a little easier after the meal.

If you are worried about your dog getting into anything they shouldn't have or if they are acting strangely make sure to call your veterinarian or the animal poison control center at (855) 764-7661. They will help you figure out what to do next! If you have any other tips that have been successful in the past feel free to comment down below as well as sharing this article so more people can get the help if they need.

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Holiday pet safety: thanksgiving safety tips for pets