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Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Beagle waiting for a piece of orange in the back yard

As we try to cram ever-increasing recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables into our diets, it can be tempting to wonder about our dogs. As much as they enjoy their  complete meals and meaty treats, is it possible that they're missing out on some great fruits? Well if you're wondering can dogs eat oranges it is likely because you want to share that fruit with your pet. Dogs can eat some fruits and vegetables, but the guidelines on whether this is a good idea or not can be a bit mixed.

Can Dogs Eat Fruits?

Dogs can eat fruits, but not all of them. Dogs can eat  just about anything, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they should. Before you let your pet raid the fruit bowl, you’ll have to consider each different variety. These are some of the common fruits that dogs can eat.


Blueberries are a safe and healthy snack for your pet. These taste great, they’re in a chewable size even for little dogs, and they have plenty of nutrients.


Bananas are also safe for dogs to eat. Although, you should be careful of the amount of sugar that is found in bananas and how large a full banana is for one dog. Usually, this is best fed in slices.


Apples are another common fruit that it is perfectly okay to give to your dog. It is best to chop this yourself though to avoid the core, some dogs may prefer to play fetch with a whole apple than eat it.

Natural Sugars Are Safe for a Dog’s Stomach

Sheepdog looking excited in a grassy field

All of these fruits are safe for a dog, despite their relatively high sugar content. This is because natural sugars are safe for dogs to eat, unlike added or artificial sugars. However, this isn’t a blanket yes to can dogs eat oranges and other fruits. Too much sugar, even natural, is still bad for their health.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

If you’re wondering can dogs eat oranges, the answer is mainly yes. However, it does depend on some things about your dog. You can’t feed an orange to your dog in the same way that you’d eat one yourself, they need their treats preparing in a unique way.

Yes, Dog’s Can Eat The Fleshy Part of an Orange

The fleshy part of an orange is perfectly safe for a dog to eat, it is even good for them. This part is where most of the flavor and juice is located. They can digest these slices without any problems or detrimental effects.

Do Not Feed Your Dog Orange Peel

The peel of an orange contains substances that are toxic entirely to your dog. While you might miss small pieces of the peel if you're peeling one for yourself, you need to avoid this in dogs. Leaving even a small section of peel attached can be dangerous for your pet.

Make Sure the Oranges are Naval (Seedless)

Navel Oranges are seedless oranges; these are best for dogs who can’t eat the seeds. The seeds in oranges need to be discarded along with the skin if your orange does have seeds.

How Much of an Orange can I feed my Dog?

Three oranges with stems and leaves attached sitting in a counter

Orange is a light snack for us, but it can be quite a lot to a dog. If you compare it to the size of your dog's meal, you might see why a full orange is a big meal for them. Instead, you should feed them smaller amounts.

  • Smart Small, One Segment per Day –You should start your dog off on only one segment of an Orange per day. This allows them to see if they enjoy the taste. You also need to monitor their bathrooms habits during this time, if one slice upsets their cycle too much giving them loose stool then you should stop feeding it to them.
  • Increase in Small AmountsDepending on The Size of the Dog – If your dog is enjoying the taste of oranges and it hasn’t irritated their digestion, then it is safe to feed them a bit more. If your dog is quite small, then you might not need to feed them anymore than one segment a day. However, if they are larger you can gradually increase their portion while keeping an eye on their digestion.

What Benefits Do Oranges Have for Dogs?

Yellow Lab Laying on a tile floor in front of their food bowl

Oranges are just as healthy for dogs as they are for us. These are some of the main health benefits that oranges can give your dog.

Vitamin C

Dogs can actually produce their own vitamin C within their bodies. This is why you rarely see them getting unhealthy from just their kibble. However, a little more can help with a dog who is under the weather.

Low in Sodium

Sodium isn't the best substance to be giving to your dog. Unfortunately, a lot of dog treats are full of the stuff! This can be an issue. Since oranges are naturally low in sodium, you won’t have this problem when feeding them to your dog.

Good Source of Fiber

Oranges, along with other fruits and vegetables, are a great source of fiber for your dog. Fiber is really important for your dog’s digestive system. Oranges can help to keep them processing food just right.

Benefits to Immune System

Vitamin C and other substances found in oranges are really good for your dog’s immune system. This helps your pooch stay healthy even if they pick up a lot of germs.

What are the Potential Hazards of Feeding Oranges to Dogs?

Oranges still connected with leaves on the tree

While oranges are largely safe for dogs, there are a few dangers that you need to watch out for. Dogs can eat oranges still, but there can be problems.

Too much Sugar, Even Natural, Can Upset a Dog’s GI tract

A dog with diabetes or a GI problem won't be able to cope with the high amounts of sugar in oranges. While natural sugars aren't as bad as added or artificial sugars, they are still sugar and can have some of the same effects on vulnerable pets.

Skin Can Contain too Many Toxins

The skin around oranges can be quite dangerous. If you’re unable to remove both the skin and the white clingy film around the orange segments then you shouldn’t feed them to your dogs, this can be dangerous.

Dog Might Not Enjoy the Taste

Oranges and other citrus fruit tend to be quite sour. Not all dogs enjoy this taste! It is pretty far out of their normal pallet of meat and treats. Not every dog is going to enjoy the taste. If you need more additives to your dogs diet check out our full colections of supplements, like coconut oil for dogs, here!

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges as Part of a Healthy Diet?

While there are some concerns to keep in mind when feeding oranges to your dog, they can eat them. They should be introduced gradually, and you should be careful that you're not exposing your dog to any risks with the peel. If your pet likes the taste and you can remove the dangerous parts of an orange, they might have found the perfect morning snack.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges By: Jordan Ashley

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