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Weighted Blanket for Dogs: an alternative solution to anxiety

A dog that is experience less anxiety due to a blanket

Anxiety is a horrible experience and can often leave the person experience unable to think properly. Now imagine if you are unable to communicate this to the people around you, this is what happens to dogs every day. A weighted blanket for dogs may be a solution that can put your dog in a more relaxed state giving you peace of mind. Let’s look at how anxiety can face our furry friends and why weighted blankets are a good option.

Why Is My Dog Having Dog Anxiety?

A dog that needs an weighted blanket for anxiety

Anxiety in dogs is tricky and there are some common reasons that cause it but there are also cases that can be more complicated to understand. Either way there are some things to consider when dealing with dog anxiety.

Like I said this is tricky and there are many things that can cause dog anxiety without you even knowing it. Dogs react to experiences in a different way and a lot of this is attributed to their past, If they don’t like crowds maybe they had a horrible experience in a crowd before.

Some of the things that are known to cause anxiety in some dogs include situations like:

Illness or a painful experience

Changes associated with aging

Fear from terrifying past memory (thunderstorms for example)

Being deprived of social interaction

Separation anxiety (fear of being abandoned)

And fear of social gatherings (often associated with loud noises or crowding)

A pup that is in need of a weighted blanket for dogs

Again there could be a slew of other anxiety inducing situations to dogs these are just some of the more commonly seen cases.

Dog anxiety can be rough and can leave the dog fearful for the rest of their time. It is important to be able to help your dogs in this time and this will require you to know some of the signs dogs show when they are experiencing anxiety.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Having Anxiety?

A golden retriever that needs a weighted blanket for dogs

Dogs just like humans show signs in their action when they are feeling a certain way. Anxiety is one of these times and it can be easy to realize once you monitor the behavior of your dogs daily actions.

There are signs of stress that you can look for that are often the precursor to more intense reactions to anxiety. Stressed dogs often show similar signs like licking or biting at their paws or sometimes scratching more than usual.

Once dogs get into the signs of anxiety there are some more mild ways that dogs react that can be easily overlooked. Some of these include tucking the tail, hiding, acting withdrawn, separating, and even trembling. All of these could be associated with anxiety and should be monitored more closely if it is a reoccurring thing.

Sometimes anxiety can get so intense that the dog will behave in some extreme ways. Some of these can be things like trying to escape, urination, aggression, pacing, and scratching at a door non stop. These are all signs that your dog is in a state of panic caused by anxiety and they can be hard to calm down right away.

Luckily there are ways to calm an anxious dog and one of them can be a drastically quick change sometimes even instantly. This method uses a weighted blanket for dogs, but what exactly is that?

Weighted Blanket For Dogs

Old Golden retriever reducing anxiety with weighted blanket for dogs

There are many ways to treat anxiety, some involve medication, others are all natural remedies, and finally you have the weighted blanket. Weighted blankets for humans have been around for a while and is a highly studied treatment. Dogs however have not gotten that type of focus towards their anxiety, until now.

BuddyRest has come up with their own version of the weighted blanket but are making it specifically for dogs. The design is modern to fit almost any homes interior but still utilizes the technology to help out our furry friends. Their blankets are made with non toxic beads to create the weighted experience without posing a health risk to those chew happy dogs.

The way weighted blankets work is through what is known as Deep Touch Pressure or DTP which is a form of therapy that mimics the chemicals (Serotonin) released in your brain when given a hug or being held by a loved one. These DTP experiences are often experienced through some sort of weighted therapy to the body, and can even be done with a hand. Weighted blankets when on a dog simulate this feeling and has been known to calm anxious dog through natural bodily shifts.

Like I said there are many ways to mimic this experience and there are other products for dogs even like weighted vests that do a similar thing. The reason the blanket comes out on top for us is the versatility it has for both you and your dog to use. I don’t mean that the blanket works on you, which it might, but that the blanket is far easier and healthier to use than a jacket. When a dog is anxious it can be tricky enough to catch them let alone get a vest on them. A weighted blanket for dogs  can be a easy way to get your pup to calm down in tough situations without the worry of increased anxiety. Dogs also have more control of themselves if they are ready to get out from the blanket they can simply wiggle it off unlike a vest or shirt which can cause skin and fur problems if left on.

buddyrest anti anxiety weighted dog blanket

The Soothe™ anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket

Check out this amazing weighted blanket for dogs by the people over at BuddyRest.


Human weighted blankets can also be too heavy for our furry friends when they are facing anxiety. Weighted blankets for dogs are made to be lighter to fit their bodies as a heavier blanket could not only increase their anxiety but could also cause other health risks that can cause severe harm to your dog.

Though we believe this product is amazing in the fight against dog anxiety it is recommended to contact your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is getting the best help possible. A weighted blanket for dogs is a great thing to have and BuddyRest has made this a possibility in a stylish comfortable way. Feel free to comment if you have more to add to the conversation about weighted blankets. Also make sure to share this article so everyone can learn about the great benefits of a weighted blanket for dogs.

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