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The Top 3 Fall Activities For You And Your Dog

Small Yorkshire Terrier sitting in a pile of leaves

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. The trees are changing colors, the temperature is cooling down and there are holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Our top 3 Fall activities for you and your dog will help you both have fun and make the most of a beautiful season.

Nature Hikes

Golden dog with a red collar on a hike with their owners.

Fall is one of the best times for you and your pup to get out and explore. The air is crisp and fresh, it won’t be too hot or too cold, and the trees are exploding in yellow, red, and orange colors. Hiking is a fun activity that can range in difficulty depending on how you and your dog are feeling. From hiking in the mountains to taking a stroll through a wooded park, there are a variety of options to get you and your dog outside and exercising. Your pup will be able to enjoy nature and all of the smells that nature brings. If you have a young healthy dog, a longer hike is a great choice, but make sure to bring plenty of water for both of you. If your dog is older, keep the hike a bit shorter and easier so they don’t get uncomfortable. No matter the dog, though, they will love to be out and walking, smelling everything they can.

There are some things to keep in mind:

Even though the weather is nicer, be sure to bring enough water for both you and your dog. Despite being cool outside, and even not sweating as much, it is important for you both to stay hydrated.

Keep in mind what time of day you’ll be going out on a hike. Keeping your dog leashed is important, even if you don’t think they will run away. If you’re doing a hike in the evening and there’s a chance of being sundown, consider a reflective collar, allowing your dog to stay visible.

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dog in witch costume next to jack-o-lanterns

Halloween brings joy to everyone who participates. Why not include your dog in the festivities this year? Dress your dog up as your favorite character from your favorite movie, or come up with your own costume idea, the possibilities are endless! Trick-or-treaters will get a kick from seeing you and your pup strolling the streets, your dog looking as happy as ever in their costume. On top of the fun and excitement of Halloween, it’s a perfect evening opportunity to get you and your dog some fresh air and exercise.

If your dog is anxious during events like Halloween, you can always dress them up and do a photo-shoot in the comfort of your own home. Like with many holiday festivities, it is important to keep your dog calm and happy. Consider giving your pup some CBD Oil which will ease their anxiety when Trick-or-Treaters are coming to the door.

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Pumpkin picking

small black and white puppy laying down in grass with small pumpkins

Always make sure the place you’re taking your dog is pet-friendly, but it is likely that pumpkin patches will readily accommodate you and your pup. Taking your dog to a pumpkin patch allows you both to get outside and get a bit of exercise. Pumpkin patches also are a great location to get photos of your dog. Once you get the perfect pumpkin, you can do whatever you’d like with it. One good option is making pumpkin pie. While your dog won’t be able to eat any of the pumpkin pie you make, you can certainly give them some pumpkin puree in their food while you’re making your pie. Pumpkin is good for dogs, and your dog will love being included in the action.

You will surely make the most of the season by using our Top 3 Fall activities for you and your dog. These activities will help keep you and your dog active and outside, and able to enjoy the changing seasons.

Grant Withers

Canine Specialist & Writer

Grant is an award-winning writer for SitStay with a passion for pets and especially dogs! Grant loves writing about furry little goofballs and aims to educate pet parents about anything and everything regarding their dogs.

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